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Why did Haman hate Mordecai?
Because he did not kneel and pay him honour.

Esther 3:5

HIROSHIMA - Preview of World War III
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.8
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HIROSHIMA - Preview of World War III

This is the twentieth anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb. What is it like to be atom-bombed? Has mankind learned from this lesson? Read this gripping article from our Associate Editor, his feelings and experiences directly from Hiroshima - twenty years after the bomb. Hiroshima, Japan. Twenty years ago the spot where I am sitting as I write this was a frightful, all-consuming vortex of heat and light. Everything that was combustible burned. In an instant an entire city died! Hiroshima, "The Jewel of the Seto Inland Sea," disappeared in the first of two mighty nuclear blows that ended World War II in the Pacific. The imagination - defying, mindless destruction of that first baby atomic bomb brought a nation of nearly a hundred million people to its knees - horror-stricken.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1965Vol XXX, No.8