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Passover Held in Texas Just a Beginning
Good News Magazine
June 1951
Volume: Vol I, No. 2
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Passover Held in Texas Just a Beginning

Something new was begun this year with the Passover season that ought to make us all take note and courage. For the first time Mr. Armstrong sent one of the College students to hold the Passover service with church brethren in Gladewater, Texas. Though a small beginning, I know, having been the one sent there, what it is going to mean to the Church of God to have fellowship on these annual occasions. Since most of you were not there, I think you want to know exactly what God has begun among His people. It occurred to Mr. Armstrong about five days before the Passover that services could be held in Texas for some of the many co-workers and church members we have in that state. Like most accomplishments done by God through human agents, it started in very limited manner. There were not enough days to give adequate notice to those living far away and the need of assembling together on these annual occasions had not been stressed enough so that those notified would be zealous in their efforts to attend.

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Good News MagazineJune 1951Vol I, No. 2