EVOLUTION without miracles?
Good News Magazine
November 1951
Volume: Vol I, No. 3
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EVOLUTION without miracles?

   Which theory can best account for the world as it exists today with all its life forms?
   Evolutionists claim their theory is the result of logical conclusions based on facts; that it necessitates no miracles. The theory of Special Creation, they maintain, is only a faith held by those who still believe in a god. They also maintain that the theory of Special Creation is contrary to evidence and to sound reasoning.

Let Us Look at Evolution

   To search for possible fallacies, let us examine what evolution really is-a theory teaching that present living forms, matter, energy, and all physical and chemical laws concerning them came into being by themselves from nothing and without the thought or effort of a Supreme Being.
   Evolutionists holding such a theory do not believe in miracles, actions not in accord with our present day laws of "nature"; acts which could only be attributed to a god.
   However, if we were to study their account of the evolution of the universe, a close examination would show a number of breaks in their chain of logic; breaks which could be crossed only by a belief in God who brought into being and sustains this universe.
   Before we examine the evolutionist's view of the universe in the process of formation, let me state here that facts and logic do not permit one to hold to such a sequence of events as evolutionists claim; yet, let us examine the theory merely from the standpoint of whether or not it could have occurred without miracles.

No Miracles?

   These are the miracles I see required by a Godless evolution, miracles which must have occurred if we are to judge their theory as being even logical. These are processes which cannot in any way be demonstrated in the laboratory but which must be demonstrated if their theory is to have any basis at all.
   These, then, are the miracle: of evolution.
   In the beginning both Creationist and Evolutionist agree that there was no material creation. Not only is it untenable for the human mind to hold that matter has existed forever, but an examination of the rate of disintegration of radioactive elements reveals that there was a time when they first began to disintegrate, the time of their creation and obviously the time of all material creation.
   Because the only recognizable world to the evolutionist is material, to him at that beginning time there must have been nothing, nothing at all. Then if creation is to follow his directions, a number of miracles must have occurred. First, nothing of itself, for there was nothing else, brought forth something. This something was matter and was brought forth in great quantity. This is miracle number one. Today this matter forms the billions of stars in the sky as well as the sun, moon, earth, and the very bodies we are composed of.

Another Miracle

   This matter which came forth of itself set up laws to govern its relationship with itself. From now on each particle of matter had to obey the law of gravity, the laws of chemistry, and the laws of motion to mention a few of the myriad of laws which cause matter to act as it does.

Energy Appears

   Simultaneously with these last two miracles a third must have taken place. Energy, in the forms of heat, light, and motion with all its manifestations, suddenly appeared on the scene. Energy is like matter in that (without a miracle) it can neither be created nor destroyed, though through laws of nuclear physics matter can be changed to energy.
   The foregoing miracles have now through ages of time presented us with a well ordered universe. Stars, planets, heat, light; a universe suitable for life but yet a dead world.

Life From Death

   The stage is now set for the second act in the evolutionist's dream of how this present creation came to be. As nothing exerted itself and brought forth something; now something with even greater effort flexed its muscles and brought forth a living, single celled form. A miracle has taken place. Dead matter by its own strength has begun to live.
   Another miracle quickly follows; living matter remembering the achievement of its parent dead matter and not to be outdone by its parent, begins to grow, and, with an effort that was to continue through all history, divides itself into two portions, both portions living and growing. Living matter has now acquired the ability to reproduce after its kind. Never mind if one of our present day laws in biology says that acquired characteristics cannot be passed on through heredity; these little, one celled, primitive life forms had not yet acquired the intelligence to know that law so we can, perhaps, excuse them for breaking it. Yes, the theory of evolution is quite UNscientific. Life can come only from life.

The Evolution of Man

   Life goes on for uncounted ages monotonously reproducing until it populates the entire globe. Restless and dissatisfied with being like their parents and looking around for a way to do the impossible, these one celled life forms throw the law of "like begets like" to the wind and begin an extended course in evolution by becoming multiple celled. Next, water forms climb out onto the land; fish gender birds, grass becomes a parent to trees, and a common ancestor gives rise to monkeys and men.


   Now comes the final miracle in this dream before the evolutionist awakens to the facts. From an ignorant cave man evolves a highly intelligent, clear thinking race of men.
   In this enlightened era, man with his newly acquired intelligence looks back with impunity at his cave dwelling progenitor, studies his family tree all the way back, and finally discovers his first parent, nothing, just nothing at all.
   Though this present day man may have had lowly ancestors, yet he is proud of their heroic struggle and especially of their end product, himself. In his pride he has no difficulty in believing the theory he has concocted concerning his coming into existence.
   Pride always precedes a fall. This case will be no exception. The evolutionist who holds his Creator to be nothing at all is due for a rude awakening. The day will soon come when he will open his eyes to see the correct sequence of events in the creation of this world and all that is in it. He is going to learn true science about which he glibly talks so much.

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Good News MagazineNovember 1951Vol I, No. 3