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Who is the Lord of the Sabbath?
Jesus Christ

Mark 2:28

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The TRUTH About "Lazarus and the Rich Man!"

Thousands have asked for the true explanation of the "Rich Man and Lazarus." Here is what the Bible really says! DO SAVED mothers up in heaven see the writhing and hear the shrieks of their own lost children down in hell? STOP AND THINK! Would you really want to spend eternity in a heaven where you would be forced to gaze constantly upon your own loved ones who were lost, hearing them frantically screaming to you for help you would be unable to give, gazing constantly upon their indescribable agony, as they, on fire, are burning-burning to death - yet never really - burning up? Would you be happy? Yet that is exactly the kind of heaven that is being pictured by most of the churches and the clergy! They rely more on Jesus' account of Lazarus and the Rich Man than any other argument to support their teaching that the "saved" go instantly, at death, to heaven while the lost leave their bodies and are plunged into an ever-burning inferno of eternal torture.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1951Vol I, No. 4