Good News Magazine
May 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 5
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Thousands of you have heard of the millennium. But do you know what it is, when it will occur, and where it will take place? MILLIONS today are under a curse because they are believing a counterfeit gospel. The apostle Paul pronounced a double curse on any man or angel who would preach any other gospel than the one which he preached (Galatians 1:8, 9). The truth about the millennium is a part of this ONE true gospel (Acts 28:31). It's vitally important that we understand the meaning of the millennium lest we be under this curse. Some say we will spend the millennium in heaven. Others say we will be on earth, during which times the dead are resurrected. Many large church denominations believe the millennium to be this church age. In the Middle Ages it was believed that the millennium was occurring because Christ, they said, was ruling in the persons of the Pope and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Amid this confusion - for these doctrines can't all be right - we need the Bible answer. Just what does God reveal about the millennium?

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Good News MagazineMay 1952Vol II, No. 5