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What did Jesus say about the hairs of our head?
They are numbered.

Matthew 10:30

The Christian's Inheritance - What Is It?
Good News Magazine
September 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 9
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The Christian's Inheritance - What Is It?

Paul said that Christians who overcome sin by the faith of Christ are heirs of the promises made to Abraham. Do you know what God promised him? MANY people firmly believe that they will go immediately to heaven when they die. They speak of dead loved ones as having "gone to their reward." What is the CHRISTIAN'S REWARD? Very few know! Others are taught to believe in an intermediate region before going to heaven. The churches of today have read so much PAGAN SUPERSTITION into the Bible, that people are totally confused. YOU are promised a future place to live if you overcome sin! But very few who were taught in Sunday School or in churches know where that place is, or when we inherit it! The TRUTH is more shocking than fiction - especially when we are steeped in the fiction!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1952Vol II, No. 9