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The Beast is Rising Up!
Good News Magazine
September 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 9
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The Beast is Rising Up!

Here's startling news from Europe! The ugly Beast of Revelation is taking shape much faster than you realize. While the eyes of the world are focused solely on the danger of Communism, America is completely overlooking the greatest danger the world has ever known: - A NEW power to rise up in Europe - a combination of TEN nations, that will crush our western civilization! American Bungling Caused It. The most stunning aspect of this situation is the fact WE AMERICANS are largely responsible for bringing it about! The general situation in Europe at the present time is this:... the people are afraid... tired of war! The continent has been torn by war three times in the past half century. Their homes and their cities and farmlands have been ruined. These people over here - especially in Britain and France - know what a great WASTE war is! The significant point is that at the present time they are so afraid - so tired of war that they are desperately searching for and willing to grasp at anything that looks like it will offer them a permanent peace... Someone to guide and lead them the WAY they want to be led.

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1952Vol II, No. 9