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INSIDE South America!
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1966
Volume: Vol XXXI, No.4
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INSIDE South America!

ADICTATOR! President Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay is shaking my hand! I can hardly believe it... no guns, no police, no terror, no iron fist. Stroessner does not look the way I thought he would - the way you might expect. You too can learn a valuable lesson from our encounter with the military boss - dictator of South America's poorest and most colonized country: Paraguay. Here's what happened. After quickly looking at little Uruguay (where national bankruptcy threatens, and the German Graf-Spee gathers barnacles at the bottom of La Plata harbor), we found Paraguay - 600 miles from the coast - a marked contrast.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1966Vol XXXI, No.4