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The women of Israel.

I Samuel 18:7

Inside COMMUNIST Yugoslavia
Good News Magazine
November 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 11
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Inside COMMUNIST Yugoslavia

What is it really like in a Communist State? Are the people happy and prosperous under a "People's Government" as the propagandists say? What about the freedom of religion in Yugoslavia? OUR HUNDREDS of miles of travel in Yugoslavia has been an astounding revelation to us. Unless one has been here he can't imagine how different life is - so regimented, so poverty stricken, so sad. Yugoslavia is the only communist country in the world which has broken out of the Russian Iron Curtain. Tito's brand of communism naturally would be slightly different from Stalin's. But it is still communism! On the cap of every soldier, on hundreds of public buildings, is the infamous red star. Over factories the red hammer and sickle protrudes high into the sky. We could not enter Yugoslavia until we obtained the proper visas at Trieste.

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Good News MagazineNovember 1952Vol II, No. 11