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Today's Troubled Europe
Good News Magazine
December 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 12
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Today's Troubled Europe
Good News Staff  

ON THESE four pages we bring you scenes of the troubled center of world disturbance - locations Of PROPHECY FULFILLMENT - in pictures taken by our own foreign correspondents this past summer. Here, vast populations crammed into small spaces, many different nations speaking different languages, having different cultures and competing interests, grope in the darkness of political and economic chaos. Here is the Europe Stalin eyes greedily, with his military hordes poised ready to trample it down. Here is the Europe that lives in daily fear of Soviet invasion and domination, and also, in fear of union with neighbor European nations for common defense! Here is the Europe being kept alive economically for the time being by YOUR tax dollars - dumping grounds of Marshall-Plan aid. Here are scenes in the very lands which are even now moving to unite, as prophesied, to resurrect for one brief catastrophic plunge of destruction the mighty ROMAN EMPIRE - the fanatical force of evil which will organize for defense against Russia, but will launch unwarned offense against America.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1952Vol II, No. 12