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NEW FACTS on Christmas
Good News Magazine
December 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 12
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NEW FACTS on Christmas

Here are NEW facts proving that early Catholics did NOT celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas - that Pope Liberius by 354 A. D. changed the day to December 25th. NOW, FOR the first time, we are publishing newly discovered, astonishing facts about the introduction of the pagan Christmas celebration into the churches centuries after Christ. Many of you are already familiar with the historically proved facts about the heathen origin of Christmas which Mr. Armstrong has written. With more of us to do research, each passing year opens up new facts. These not only substantiate previous conclusions, but also add many more important details that you need to know. By having the truth, we do not need to be afraid of new investigations. Every piece of new evidence proves more strongly than ever that Jesus was not born on December 25th - that the apostles, the early, true, spirit-filled and guided church did not observe Christmas.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1952Vol II, No. 12