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If You Yield to Temptation, have you sinned willfully?
Good News Magazine
February 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 2
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If You Yield to Temptation, have you sinned willfully?

MANY of you have suffered needless worry because you were taught that if you make a mistake or yield to a temptation you are automatically lost and bound for everlasting punishing and torture in hellfire. It is no wonder we poor mortal beings sometimes believe these things since there are so many false prophets and teachers in the world today proclaiming just such doctrines. What is willful sin? Is it merely making a mistake? If we, human as we are, do something which we see later was a mistake and are sorry and repent of it, have we sinned willfully and lost all hope of salvation? What kind of a God would we be serving? Is He so unmerciful that knowing we are born with a sinful nature, He expects us to live a life free of any mistakes or sin? And if we cannot we have lost all chance of eternal life?

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Good News MagazineFebruary 1953Vol III, No. 2