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How did King Saul die?
He drew his sword and fell on it.

II Samuel 31:4

Are Babies
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Are Babies "Saved" If They Die?

GOD IS working out a great purpose in our lives which very few people understand. We mortal human beings were not born with perfect characters. We came into this world with a carnal mind which from birth is enmity against God's way (Romans 8:8). But God is developing perfect, spiritual character in us through experience and suffering. We have all heard the expression, "Well, he certainly learned his lesson that time!" Experience is a great teacher. We can profit from our mistakes if we "learn our lesson" and quit repeating those mistakes. Few Know What Salvation Is. But most people find it hard to apply this principle to the spiritual realm because they don't know what salvation really is. God is not trying to save everyone now. Only certain ones are being "called." Salvation involves learning that our own way is wrong, repenting of it, accepting Christ as Savior and acquiring Gods character to fit us to become sons of God - MEMBERS of the GODHEAD - and kings and priests under Jesus Christ in the kingdom of God (Rev. 5:10).

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Good News MagazineMarch 1953Vol III, No. 3