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Which disciple vowed that he was willing to die for Jesus?

Matthew 26:35

Good News Magazine
May 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 5
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We now have WORLD REVOLUTION. We now have the H-Bomb, which if produced as a "rigged bomb" could annihilate all life from this earth. Now read what MOMENTOUS events the immediate future holds! THE PRESENT is fearful! What does the immediate future hold? The visible facts indicate a horrifying future. But the invisible certainties of PROPHECY assure a peaceful, prosperous, happy WORLD TOMORROW! It is often darkest just before dawn. Make no mistake, humanity still has major lessons to learn, and this world is now being plunged into gross darkness. But even this rapidly approaching blackness brings it closer to the dawn! Almighty God has decreed it! The Maker and Ruler of the universe is working out a Purpose!

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Good News MagazineMay 1953Vol III, No. 5