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Why Calcium in Your Diet?
Good News Magazine
September 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 8
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Why Calcium in Your Diet?
Isabell Kunkel  

EVER since the discovery of the substances now called vitamins, the importance of including them in our diet has been constantly repeated, while the need of securing other elements in our food has been minimized or entirely neglected. One group of elements suffering this neglect is the minerals - calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine and several others. Of these, calcium is the principal one, since it constitutes the greatest percentage of the mineral composition of the human body. You may wonder, "What will calcium do for me? I thought only children needed much of that." We are inclined to think that after growth has stopped, the cells of our bones remain stationary; that no destruction or exchange of materials any longer takes place in them. This is false.

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1953Vol III, No. 8