How YOU Can Overcome
Good News Magazine
December 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 11
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How YOU Can Overcome

How can you overcome and master your human nature? - and keep ALL God's commandments? I FEEL I must immediately have a real heart to heart talk with my family of readers and co-workers, sharing with you thoughts that came to my mind - while they are still fresh and vivid. It concerns the most important thing in life and eternity for you. But at the moment, I was thinking about myself. Every person - yes, even you - is his own worst enemy. All my life I have been impelled to fight my worst enemy - that troublesome inner self, which by nature is desperately wicked. I was not born with a mild, submissive, weak-willed inner self. Had I been, I probably never could have been used as God's instrument in bearing His message to you. My mother, now well into her eighties, will tell you I was a very strong-willed boy; and while I was still young enough to be under parental discipline, I caused her and my father no end of trouble.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1953Vol III, No. 11