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Good News Magazine
March 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 2
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What Booklets Do WE Publish?

   Perhaps you have recently been approached by one of your relatives or interested friends about your belief and you found it difficult to answer the questions. Then here is the solution for you!
   There are seventeen booklets now being published, plus the "Sacred Calendar" that was printed for the first time last year. If you have not received every one of these, be sure to write for them immediately. Here they are.
   The amazing booklet "United States in Prophecy" is now being published in a European edition - "The United States and the British Commonwealth in Prophecy." It will reveal up-to-date facts about our national identity, and give you the key to dozens of Old Testament prophecies for today.
   You may have been confronted by a question about your baptism. Did you explain it convincingly from the Bible? There are many man-made ideas about baptism-sprinkling, pouring, immersion into a church denomination-that you need to be familiar with. The scriptural answer to these and other arguments are presented in the pamphlet "All About Water Baptism." Another related problem is the contention that Christians ought to be baptized by fire! Read the clear explanation to this doctrine in "Baptism by Fire."
   A fact that is becoming increasingly known to people in general is the pagan origin of Christmas and Easter. Can you explain to your friends, why God forbids us to embrace these pagan holidays? Can you prove how these holidays were cleverly substituted for the annual holy days God has ordained? The astounding origin and history of these holidays are given in the pamphlets "Christmas" and "Easter."
   What about the Saturday-Sabbath question? You, of course, understand which day is the Sabbath, but can you thoroughly answer the arguments of Sunday-observers? Many of their arguments are simply explained in the booklet "Which Day Is the Sabbath of the New Testament?" But is the day we call Saturday the same day God sanctified for man in the Genesis account of creation? It has been a long time since creation; perhaps time has been lost? Read the seven absolute proofs that time has not been lost in the booklet "Has Time Been Lost?" The Sabbath was given as a sign to God's people.
   If it is a sign of obedience, what is the "Mark of the Beast?" Write for this booklet, too, and see!
   It is a universal assumption that Christ's resurrection was on Sunday, and from that supposition it is argued that Sunday is the "Christian Sabbath." Can you explain the true facts about the resurrection? "The Resurrection Was Not on Sunday" is a MUST on your reading list.
   Have the people who lived in past ages been lost because they didn't know of Christ's sacrifice for sin? What of the millions living today who have heard the name of Christ but are not believers? Are they doomed? Have you worried about your relatives who have died "unsaved"! The answer to these questions is given in the free booklet "Predestination."
   Have you been asked to take communion Sunday morning? The truth about the communion service is given in "When and How Often Should We Observe the Lord's Supper?"
   The book of Revelation is supposed to be the book that no one can understand. "The Key to the Book of Revelation" presents you with that key that will unlock the real meaning.
   Two pamphlets are available on faith. "What is Faith?" and "What Kind of Faith is Required for Salvation?" Answers to prayers for healing depend on faith. Write for these two booklets, if you have not already done so, and also for the pamphlet "Does God Heal Today?"
   Where did Lazarus go when he died? Is the rich man burning in hell today? The real meaning of this much-misunderstood account is given in "Lazarus and the Rich Man" now in booklet form. Another article which appeared in a past issue of the PLAIN TRUTH, "Divorce and Remarriage," is now off the press.
   Be sure to write immediately for any of these attractive free booklets that you may not have already received. You NEED them for your personal study to help you understand the Bible. Also, be sure to write for any back issues of "The PLAIN TRUTH" which you are lacking.

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Good News MagazineMarch 1954Vol IV, No. 2