Your Part in Gods Work
Good News Magazine
March 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 2
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Your Part in Gods Work

Hundreds of you brethren have asked about this question. As Christ's own gospel now starts around the world, the true answer becomes vitally important! You must KNOW - and ACT! IS YOUR life literally filled with a dynamic, pulsating, driving PURPOSE? If not, WHY? Your life should be so packed with interest and activity that you begrudge even the few hours which you necessarily must spend in bed asleep. Is your life that exciting? Is it full of that kind of challenge? Whether you realize it or not, your DESTINY has been to be placed as a member of the most important team on earth! This team has the most important job on earth to do. Every single member is VITALLY needed! On offense and on defense, every position on this team is important. There should NEVER be any "bench warmers" on this team. The rule book says that every member must be an ACTIVE participant in the struggle. Any member who lags too far behind or who quits will be dropped from the team roster. Victory must be achieved at all costs!

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Good News MagazineMarch 1954Vol IV, No. 2