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John 11

Healthful Uses for Honey
Good News Magazine
April 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 3
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Healthful Uses for Honey
Isabell F Hoeh

DO YOU know the reasons why honey is good? Of course, honey tastes good. But it has other qualities that make it the best sweet you can eat. Let us begin by comparing it with sugar. The cane and beet sugars which you buy consist of a type of sugar called sucrose. The blood CANNOT absorb this sugar. Therefore it must first be broken down into two simple sugars by digestion. These simple sugars are levulose and dextrose. Honey does not require this digestion because it is already in the form of levulose and dextrose when you eat it. That is why honey supplies energy so quickly. It also explains why honey is sometimes recommended to diabetics if the disease is not advanced. Persons afflicted with heart ailments often find that honey relieves the weakness they suffer. Some Practical Uses; For a quick-energy drink, you can mix one teaspoon or more of honey with a cup of warm water - or better still, mix it with a little hot water first to dissolve it, and then add cold.

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Good News MagazineApril 1954Vol IV, No. 3
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