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I Kings 17

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God continues to miraculously heal the sick! Two of our ministers report the most happy experience of meeting two of our listeners in San Diego - a lady and her 76 year old mother who was miraculously healed just recently. She had a serious heart ailment and her blood pressure had risen dangerously to over 200. At her age, the doctor told her daughter, it was unlikely that she could rally and live much longer. Though being fairly new to the truth, they decided to put their faith totally in God and trust Him to heal. They sent for an anointed cloth, and - as often happens once we have exercised faith and done our part - God began to heal even before the cloth arrived. Here we quote from part of her daughter's thankful letter: "I asked you to pray for my mother a few weeks ago and it seemed I noticed an improvement from the time you received the letter and before the prayer cloth arrived.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1955Vol V, No. 3