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Why was Queen Vashti deposed from her position?
For disobeying the king.

Esther 1:12

Good News Magazine
July 1955
Volume: Vol V, No. 3
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THE warnings go out, and the shadows of doubt thrown across U.S. newspapers by noted news analysts indicate at least the beginning of skepticism over the revival of German military might. But still, in the face of numerous articles on the staggering rise to power of a resurgent Germany, the semi-conscious stupor of wishful thinkers is not disturbed. There are those, sloth-like in their own dreams of unreality, who still hang on to the shattered doctrine that the Germans have been "de-Nazi-fied," and are completely repentant of their former evils, as they patiently await their status as democratic vassals of the West! The conquered continue to conquer the conquerors in a vast, intricately organized trade war, as word comes from Bonn that West Germans are quietly rushing plans to build their first atomic reactor as soon as possible.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1955Vol V, No. 3