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I Samuel 17:9-10

WHAT The Church Ruled on Make-up and WHY!
Good News Magazine
January 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 1
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WHAT The Church Ruled on Make-up and WHY!

The real question that had to be determined by God's Word: "Is its use SIN?" Here is the answer... with surprise Scriptures you never realized were in the Bible, giving the definite, specific answer! This matter of the right or wrong of using make-up was becoming controversial. Some members had intense convictions one way, others just as decided beliefs the other way. Many were not sure. They were waiting for the Church to define the answer as a plain "Thus saith the lord." And so this make-up question had to he settled! To permit it to remain a question - a source of uncertainty, argument, generating strife and division - in God's Church could not be allowed. WHY the Ruling Had to Be Made. What, then, was the real question involved? The question was simply this:

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1957Vol VI, No. 1