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What happened to Lazarus before Jesus arrived at his home?
He died.

John 11:14

The Bible Story - David King at Last
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1966
Volume: Vol XXXI, No.12
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The Bible Story - David King at Last

David hadn't heard of the battle between the Philistines and the Israelites in the valley of Jezreel until a young Amalekite came to Ziklag with the news. He was greatly shocked by the report that the Israelites had been defeated and that Saul and his sons had been killed. (II Samuel 1:1.4.) He was even more startled when he was told by his informer that he, the man who stood before him, had witnessed the deaths of Saul's sons and had himself killed Saul. The truth, however, was that Saul had killed himself. (I Samuel 31:4) An Opportunist Without Scruples; "Explain what you mean by claiming that you killed Saul!" David snapped at the fellow as he moved menacingly toward him.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1966Vol XXXI, No.12