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Who am I: I was born in Bethsaida. I have a brother named James. I was one of the first disciples of Jesus and one of the most prominent.
John the Apostle.

Mark 1:19

Love Not the World!
Good News Magazine
June 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 6
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Love Not the World!

What should be your attitude toward the world? What about unconverted relatives, neighbors and friends? Here is the answer which may surprise you! MANY TIMES, you have heard God's ministers expound the scriptures PROVING this is the true Church of God! You have read articles in the Good News and Plain Truth magazines showing little-known facts about the history of this Church - God's Church. Somehow, God has brought YOU to the wonderful knowledge that He is dealing directly through His called and chosen ministers, and that He is actively leading and guiding His Church, which is performing His WORK on this earth! But what should be your attitude after receiving this precious knowledge?

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Good News MagazineJune 1957Vol VI, No. 6