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What was placed on Jesus' head at his trial?
A crown of thorns.

John 19:2

Where Are YOU Headed?
Good News Magazine
June 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 6
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Where Are YOU Headed?

Your ultimate destiny may depend upon certain key factors in your daily life more than you realize. WHAT will YOU be doing exactly one hundred years from now? Will you then be a king or a priest in Gods kingdom? Will you hold a position of authority over ten cities, or five cities, or will you perhaps just be a "doorkeeper"? Or will YOU even be there? Just where are YOU really headed? Do you realize that you are right now in the process of determining your eternal destiny? As I write this, my wife and baby daughter and I have just returned from a stay of over six months in Britain - helping to build up our church in London, England. Many new brethren over there have recently been added to our church - God's church. They have repented and been baptized. They have surrendered the human vanity and self will to God.

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Good News MagazineJune 1957Vol VI, No. 6