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Why Build the NEW TABERNACLE Near Gladewater?
Good News Magazine
December 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 12
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Why Build the NEW TABERNACLE Near Gladewater?

How can we know where the new tabernacle ought to be located? What Bible authority do we have for keeping the Feast of Tabernacles in ONE place in Gladewater, Texas? Here is what the Bible reveals about it! IT IS TIME we understood exactly what the Bible reveals about building the NEW Tabernacle! Was there a mistake made in building the first tabernacle which we have now completely outgrown? What NEW TESTAMENT reason is there for building a tabernacle and for assembling in one place to keep the Feast of Tabernacles? Here are the answers! NOT Returning to Ceremonies; Some, when they hear that the Church has built a tabernacle near Gladewater, Texas, assume that we are returning to the rituals of the Law of Moses - assume that we are "coming under bondage to that old law!" Granted that the Old Testament does have something to say about a tabernacle; but there is a vital NEW TESTAMENT reason why a new tabernacle must be built - and why it must be near Gladewater!

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Good News MagazineDecember 1957Vol VI, No. 12