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John 15:5

God's Church Rejoices!
Good News Magazine
January 1958
Volume: Vol VII, No. 1
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God's Church Rejoices!

Increased progress in the WORK of God's Church is cause for rejoicing! Here is another inside picture of the personal activities of the Church - especially for you scattered brethren. NEW GROWTH is taking place in the body of Jesus Christ - the true Church of God! We are now in the process of "gathering our forces" and building strength for the final big PUSH of evangelism before the end of this age. This intensified effort ought to remind us now more than ever before that we are not just a religious "work," but a CHURCH - the very Church Jesus Christ sad He would build (Mat. 16:18). An Important Office to Fill; A very important and significant step has recently been taken which is vital to the growth of the entire Church. You brethren need to understand it - and rejoice! You may remember that we recently contracted for many more foreign stations because the time was being released by Dr. Charles E. Fuller of the "Old Fashioned Revival Hour." Dr. Fuller is dropping most of his foreign broadcasting work and gradually retrenching because he is getting older, and there is no one to replace him and carry on the broadcast with the same effectiveness.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1958Vol VII, No. 1