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God Blesses His People!
Good News Magazine
March 1958
Volume: Vol VII, No. 3
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God Blesses His People!

Here is some more news about the growth of our local churches, and the great BLESSINGS God is continuing to shower upon His children. THIS CHURCH continues to bear the "fruit" of Christ's body - the true Church of God. The message Jesus Christ preached is now going around the world with increasing power - and miracles and blessings are following in the lives of those who yield and obey. People are being HEALED. Lives are being completely CHANGED. And the true gospel is going forth as a mighty "witness" to more and more nations around the world. It is important that all of us realize the tremendous meaning of the job we in God's Church have to do, and to recognize that Christ is using and empowering us as His body to do the exact work which He said His Church would be doing at the time of the end! A Letter from a Member in the London Church As the work of God's Church continues to reach more and more nations, we will have local congregations in many different cities throughout the world.

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Good News MagazineMarch 1958Vol VII, No. 3