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What Must Christians Give Up to be Saved?
Good News Magazine
August 1958
Volume: Vol VII, No. 7
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What Must Christians Give Up to be Saved?

Do YOU know why the majority of American people turn up their noses at "religion" and refuse to have anything to do with it? You have probably been taught most of your life that it is necessary to GIVE UP everything that is GOOD, everything that is FUN, in order to become "saved." This is the common conception of salvation - and most people take it for granted without ever questioning it. The churches paint Christianity as a morbid religion with a God who demands penance and suffering from poor helpless mortals. Life, to many professing Christians, is unhappy, uncomfortable, drab, poverty-stricken. Salvation is looked upon as the reward for enduring all this misery that the Father imposes on us. What kind of God is it that this common teaching portrays? Is it any wonder that most people don't want to turn to God!

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Good News MagazineAugust 1958Vol VII, No. 7