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Revelation 3:14

What Church Members should know about MASONRY - Part 1
Good News Magazine
December 1958
Volume: Vol VII, No. 8
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What Church Members should know about MASONRY - Part 1

IS MASONRY a Christian organization? Do they have the truth? Why are they so secret? Is it all right to remain in the Lodge? Is it all right to join the Masons? This series is designed to help you answer these questions, give the reasoning behind the answer, and produce the evidence to back it up! This series is NOT WRITTEN FOR GENERAL PUBLICATION, but to supply information for members of the Church of God. It is important that you know something about the Masonic Lodge - its teachings and its beliefs - so that you can answer questions on the subject with understanding. Many persons who are interested in the way of life ask questions that need a true and accurate answer, not the evasion they get when they ask information from a Mason. The Mason cannot answer most of their questions because he has sworn, under penalty of death, not to reveal Masonic secrets. Since the details cannot be revealed, he merely assures them that Masonry is a Christian organization based on the Bible. They further assure us that Masonry is in accordance with God's laws and a candidate is not required to take any action against nation, state or family.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1958Vol VII, No. 8