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Who am I: I am a king of Assyria. I invaded Judah but my army was destroyed by an angel of God. On my return to Nineveh I was murdered by my two sons.

II Kings 19:32-37

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Good News Magazine
February 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 2
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More News of GOD'S Church

More BLESSINGS continue to come from the Almighty! Keep your HEART and interest and prayers in these things God is doing in His Church! HIGHLLGHTING this year's Annual conference of God's ministers was the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The World Tomorrow broadcast. It was something we should be very thankful to God for - and rejoice over. And we did! Some weeks before the ministerial conference, Mr. Ted Armstrong realized that after all their years of service in God's work, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong certainly deserved a special tribute on the 25th Anniversary of The World Tomorrow broadcast, and their part in it. And so, with the help of others, he planned a surprise banquet in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and the 25th Anniversary of this broadcasting work. The ministers in the field were quietly written, and told to come in a little earlier than usual so they would be here by the first Sunday in January. As most of you know, this broadcast began on the first Sunday in January, 1934. It am quite a job keeping the plans and preparations a secret from Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, but somehow it was managed!

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Good News MagazineFebruary 1959Vol VIII, No. 2