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What did Zacharias write on the tablet about his son?
His name is John.

Luke 1:60

What Church Members should know about MASONRY - Part 4
Good News Magazine
March 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 3
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What Church Members should know about MASONRY - Part 4

Many of our brethren have become astounded at their own credulity in embracing the Lodge with pride, now that they became truly familiar with the Scriptures. They are now overawed with the fact that Masonry is pagan - not Christian - in origin. Here, in this installment of the series to our church members, is the heart and core of Masonic secret doctrine. THE FAMOUS Masonic lecturer Wilmshurst discovered in his search for the secrets of life that THREE GREAT QUESTIONS press inexorably upon the attention of mankind. These three questions as explained in the preceding article of this series are: "What am I?" "Whence came I?" "Whither go I?" The Pagan Answers: In his human reasoning he came to the same answer as did the ancient pagans: (l) Man is an immortal soul that is evolving spiritually toward perfection; (2) He existed in a higher state before he was born into this world, but he lost something which left him in this lower state; (3) He will again attain that higher state of existence after death, provided he continues to perfect himself.

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Good News MagazineMarch 1959Vol VIII, No. 3