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To mock Jesus, what coloured robe did the soldiers put on him?
Scarlet or purple.

Matthew 27:28

More BLESSINGS in Gods Church
Good News Magazine
September 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 9
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More BLESSINGS in Gods Church

Let us praise God for these blessings He is showering upon us - His human instruments! DAY AFTER DAY, God continues to just simply SHOWER His blessings upon His Church! Here at Gods headquarters in Pasadena, we are truly grateful and thankful for all the good things our Heavenly Father has showered upon His work - and upon us. Even so, as a Church we all should be more deeply THANKFUL than we are for the tremendous privilege God has granted us in having a direct part in His work at this time. As human instruments, He is using us to warn this entire earth of what lies just ahead - and to prepare to CHANGE the entire world to Gods way in "The World Tomorrow." San Antonio Campaign: As I reported to you last month, we were then in the midst of a local evangelistic campaign we were holding in San Antonio, Texas, to build up and strengthen Gods Church in that area. Now that campaign is completed. God greatly BLESSED this Sun Antonio campaign!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1959Vol VIII, No. 9