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What queen tested Solomon's wisdom with hard questions?
Queen of Sheba

I Kings 10:1

Please Give Us a Church!
Good News Magazine
December 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 12
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Please Give Us a Church!
Leroy Neff   
Church of God

Born: November 20, 1923
Died: January 28, 2014
Member Since: 1951
Ambassador College: 1959
Ordained: June 7, 1958
Office: ACE - Evangelist

Is this your request? Why aren't churches established in more local areas? Will more be established soon? "WE NEED a church where we can meet each Sabbath," was a statement frequently heard at the recent Feast of Tabernacles. If you are one who wants to assemble with Christian brethren each Sabbath, and yet are unable to, you may wonder why this has not been made possible. It is only natural that all of you in God's Church should want to assemble on the Sabbath. It is also natural for some of you to become impatient at not having a local congregation. But, there are reasons that more churches have not been established, and that a church may never be established in your local area. Here is a frank, straightforward answer to these questions with proof from your own Bible. God's Church Scattered. During the beginning months and years of God's Church, following A.D. 31, God's Church grew tremendously. On certain occasions, thousands were added to the Church. Here was the beginning of one tremendous local congregation or church. Was it God's will that this trend continue?

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Good News MagazineDecember 1959Vol VIII, No. 12
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