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January 1960
Volume: Vol IX, No. 1
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Is Michael, who was called "your prince" in Daniel 10:21, the person who later became Christ?

   There is a church which contends that Michael, who was called "your prince," was Christ. This assumption is taken from the statement that Christ is called "Messiah the Prince" in Daniel 9:25. Is this doctrine true?
   Christ certainly was, and is, a Prince. But this does not make Him a prince who was named "Michael."
   The angelic being who gave Daniel the vision recorded in chapter 10, told Daniel, "...the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, ONE OF THE chief princes, came to help me..." (verse 13). Notice that there was a prince of Persia. That prince is another spirit being of equal rank to Michael.
   Notice, also, in this verse that Michael is called "ONE OF the chief princes." This clearly indicates that among the spirit beings there are more than one "chief prince" more than one of first rank! The combined power of prince Michael and the prince who delivered the vision to Daniel (Gabriel) was enough that they were able to subdue the prince of Persia, an evil, rebellious spirit prince.
   But Christ is far superior to any of these created spirit princes. There are not any other princes of equal rank to Christ. But there are others of Michael's rank! Christ is not Michael. Michael is "your prince" the spirit set to serve Israel. Michael and the other princes over the nations are all subject to Christ who is Supreme Ruler!
   The chief princes among God's created spirit beings have great power and authority over the nations. But what is the limit of their authority? How far does their authority and power extend? In Jude 8 and 9 we read, "these filthy dreamers [evil men)... despite dominion [authority], and speak evil of dignities {those who are given authority]. Yet Michael the archangel [a chief prince], when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, 'The Lord [Christ who is Michael's Superior] rebuke thee.'"
   Notice this scripture! Evil men have no respect for those in authority, but Michael, who is an archangel; showed respect to the office of authority of Satan the Devil. By this scripture we can see very clearly that Michael does not have greater rank than Satan.
   But Christ does have greater rank. If Michael did have greater rank, he would have given the Devil a command he could have done the rebuking himself, instead of saying, "The Lord rebuke thee."
   Turn to Matthew 4:10. Here we find Christ said to Satan: "Get thee hence, Satan...." Christ gave Satan a sharp Command. Christ was of greater rank and authority. Christ was in authority over Satan because He created Satan. He was the one through whom the Father created all things (Col. 1:13-16 and John 1:3); Satan was but a created being (Ezek. 28:14-15).
   Christ, Satan's Creator, has been in authority over Satan since he was created. But Michael was not in authority over him and could not give him a command: he could only pass on a rebuke a command from the Lord, Christ (Jude 9).
   It is absolutely proven that Michael could not have been Christ! Michael is, instead, an angelic being who is put in authority over other lesser angelic beings in God's government. He was one of the leaders among God's faithful angels. But he dared not usurp authority and command Satan, who was an unfaithful, fallen cherub.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1960Vol IX, No. 1