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May 1967
Volume: Vol XXXII, No.5
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Garner Ted Armstrong & Paul W Kroll  

Ants are our most familiar, and pesky, insects. Whether you live in Australia or Austria, in Britain or Bloemfontein you could discover ants in your home or find them trying to carry off your picnic lunch! Evolution is completely BAFFLED by the ant world. Ants are the most illogical creatures in the whole of the Evolutionary theory and have given rise to some of evolution's most embarrassing admissions. Read, in this informative article, how evolution yells "uncle" at the ants.

   Chances are, you can find an ant only steps away from where you are right now.
   And, you may find one from time to time without moving from where you are. They're our must common insect neighbor and yet few people know much of the amazing stories they have to tell.
   Children buy "ant farms" to observe the busy little insects tunneling, building, laboring, reproducing. But woe be unto the playful little fellow who allows his little ant friends to escape in the house!
   Almost every housewife has returned to her kitchen to find a long line of busy little workers hustling back and forth in orderly precision from her sugar bowl to a tiny crack: under the molding.
   But observe an ant closely! You're looking at only one of at least three thousand five hundred different species of ants in the world! Some of them are giants of bumblebee size, with long, very painful stingers in their tails. Others are almost all head and powerful jaws, and still others so tiny they are barely visible to the human eye.
   Do you know that ants have a great
Top, leafcutter (Atta) ant carrying leaf to fungus garden. Bottom, leaf-cutting ants bite out perfect semicircles and take pieces of leaf to nest. (See PDF For Pictures)
slave-making system? That they can produce many strange, weirdly formed "ant machines" to perform specific functions?
   Do you know ants can PREDETERMINE the sex of their offspring, and completely control their own populations? Did you know they have a unique "protection racket," and hire themselves out as mercenary soldiers to protect other living creatures? Ants do much more.
   They make political alliances; develop expert battle maneuvers, come up with their own cryptic battle codes, and enslave captured soldiers of enemy forces.
   Some ants "herd cattle" and "milk" their cows by a strange process Charles Darwin tried to imitate, and failed. Ants store honey, and other foods. Ants grow gardens, manufacture their own corks, harvest and store seeds, and even sew leaves together without needle and thread.
   Army ants march in a regular rhythm hunting, resting, and marching for exactly seventeen days!

Assembly-line Reproduction

   All those busy little ants struggling to carry away your sugar cube by cube are very likely the progeny of only ONE other ant or, at most, only a few others.
   The "queen" of the ant colony (in many species) is a fantastic life-producing "cylinder." She may resemble a sausage with head tacked on and is able to PREDETERMINE the sex of her progeny.
   She produces "soldiers" the organizers, defenders and military strategists of the ant nest that look like they're all head and pincers, with tiny body and legs. She produces many different KINDS of ants seeming to select their size and responsibilities. There are the "workers" (which are infertile females, as are the soldiers!) whose sole responsibility is to care for the larvae, pupae and eggs enlarging and extending the nest, and doing much of the work.
   She produces many categories of "soldiers" for the colony, including giants and super-soldiers; pygmy soldiers, and specialized workers.
   Some workers exist for one chief duty: to tear flesh from living prey. They're the butchers of the ant community. Then there is another group of tiny workers who are porters and janitors!
   One evolutionist could only comment in amazement at such incredible "assembly-line reproduction." He said, "That these... widely different forms can come from the SAME mother is remarkable, but that the male is also their own flesh and blood is more remarkable still. For the male in appearance is not an ant at all, but a HORNET two inches long with magnificent wings and a splendid array of eyes."
   Evolution likes to see CONSEQUENCE in "nature." That is they must always look for some specific PURPOSE being "served" in the life cycles of each creature find some way to theorize how each living species is in some way struggling for survival among all the other species.
   But the ants really PERPLEX evolutionists as you'll soon see!
   The amazed writer continued, "Can inconsequence in nature go further than this?
   "The females are not only blind but they have lost all traces of eyes: where eyes, presumably [?], once were, is now smooth and solid skull. It must have taken a long time for this reverse development to take place and yet the female still breeds MALES WITH EYES, surpassing those of mast other insects!" (Emphasis ours throughout article.)
   Then he concludes: "EVOLUTION PLAYS STRANGE TRICKS!" (WAYS of the Ant, John Crompton pages 148, 149.)
   Yes, "evolution," we agree, is VERY TRICKY! You need to WATCH evolution, and evolutionists very closely. But, even though EVOLUTION may play strange "tricks" the FACTS of the perfect order, harmony, and the utter dependability of the creation all around you is NOT tricky but COMPLETELY FAITHFUL.
Polymorphism in Atta cephalotes, a fungus-growing ant. One queen ant gives birth to all these widely differing ant types. Ambassador College (See PDF For Pictures)
No tricks anywhere just dependable ORDER!
   You see IF evolution had the remotest possibility of being even PARTLY true an ant queen would give birth to ONE type, This type would "evolve" into another type, and so on. But this doesn't happen!
   Instead, one ant queen can give birth to MANY DIFFERENT FORMS at the SAME TIME.
   One queen is responsible for a wide variety of ant forms. But NONE OF THESE FORMS CAN REPRODUCE THEMSELVES! They're STERILE or neuter.

Darwin and the Ant

   Charles Darwin wrote a rather thick, pedantic volume. It's called the Origin of Species. This is the "bible" of the evolutionists.
   But Darwin couldn't explain the "neuter" problem of the "lowly" ant. Notice, his admission about this problem.
   "I will confine myself to one special difficulty which at first appeared insuperable, and ACTUALLY FATAL to the whole theory. I allude to the neuters or sterile females in insect communities; for these neuters often differ WIDELY in instinct and structure from both the males and fertile females and yet, from being sterile, they cannot propagate their kind.
   "The subject well deserves to be discussed at great length, but I will here take only a single case, that of working or sterile ants. How the workers have been rendered sterile is a difficulty...
   "BUT I MUST PASS OVER THIS PRELIMINARY DIFFICULTY. The GREAT DIFFICULTY lies in the working ants differing widely from both the males and the fertile females in structure, as in the shape of the thorax, and in being destitute of wings and sometimes of eyes, and in instinct...
   "With the working ant we have an insect DIFFERING GREATLY from its parents, yet absolutely sterile; so that it could never have transmitted successively acquired modifications of structure or instinct to its progeny.
   "It may WELL BE ASKED how is it possible to reconcile this case with the theory of natural selection?
   "The difficulty lies in understanding HOW such correlated modifications of structure could have been SLOWLY ACCUMULATED by natural selection.
   "But we have not as yet touched the acme of the difficulty; namely the fact that the neuters of several ants differ, not only from the fertile males and females, but from each other, sometimes to an almost incredible degree" (Origin of Species, Charles Darwin, pages 268-270, 6th edition, Collier Books reprint throughout).
   Charles Darwin admitted the GREAT DIFFICULTY this presented to his theory and admitted further the difficulty lies in understanding HOW such incredible processes could have occurred.
   Then he admitted, after all these admissions that he had not yet really concerned himself with the HEART AND CORE of the problem, the "ACME" of the problem as to how it is these neuter ants DIFFER, not only from their fertile parents, but even from each other, and to such an incredible degree!
   And the problems WERE NEVER EXPLAINED!
   Even the PRELIMINARY "difficulty," Mr. Darwin said he "passed over."
   And no wonder! Because there is NO EXPLANATION POSSIBLE other than PREdesigned, PREordained, "SET" and PREdetermined PATTERNS in nature which just automatically MAKE such incredible orderliness occur! In other words if you LEAVE GOD OUT of the picture you must just admit, with so many evolutionists, "I CONFESS, I'M IGNORANT!!!"
   No, the amazing assembly-line reproduction of the ant queen producing many different types, sizes and sexes of ants, and each for a specific JOB within the ant community, just cannot be explained by evolution.
   But, though you have already seen INSURMOUNTABLE evidence against the evolutionary theory this is only the barest beginning of their difficulties!

SLAVE-Making Ants

   The Amazon ant (Polyergus rufescens) is so dependent on slave ants that it CANNOT continue to LIVE without them!
   THINK about such a strange partnership in "nature." The Amazon ant is so completely dependent upon another kind of ant, that he CANNOT SURVIVE without him! But, in the evolutionary theory WHICH CAME FIRST?
   The Amazon ants can't feed themselves, can't even make a nest, or look after their young. They have been proved to be, by careful experimentation and observation, completely helpless without their slave partners.
   Some years ago, an entomologist took 30 Amazon ants and put them in a glassed-in box with plenty of soil. He gave them honey for food, and even laced it with cocoons and grubs.
   Yet, in less than two days, more than HALF the ant colony died. None had eaten none had built any nest.
   Then, the experimenter introduced a slave ant into their midst. The slave quickly recognized who his masters were, and went busily to work for them. He formed a chamber in the earth, bustled about establishing order among the hungry, feeble survivors, gathered together the larvae, and began feeding the remaining Amazons.
   But WHY?
   Evolutionary theory simply BALKS at the idea of ANYthing, whether plant,
Ward's Natural Science Photo Flying ant from Baltic Amber supposedly millions of years old. Notice, complete similarity to modern ant proving ants have not evolved. (See PDF For Pictures)
insect or animal, existing for any other purpose but the propagation of ITSELF. The very essence of the "struggle for survival" or the "survival of the fittest" or "natural selection" DECREES that all life forms must first, in some way, HOWEVER SLIGHT, SERVE THEMSELVES and yet several species of ants do the exact opposite!
   Evolution has no explanation for the slave-making ants. It's utterly impossible to assume they "gradually," over periods of MILLIONS OF YEARS, "learned to capture slaves" so they could feed, house, and propagate themselves. In the meantime, of course, NOT ONE OF THEM SURVIVED and therefore they do not exist today. But that is not true, since they DO exist. What is true is that evolution is NOT!

A Mutual Suicide Pact

   The most unusual of the slave-holders is Anergates. These tiny, yellow ants are extremely helpless,
   But they have a slave ant who carries them about, feeds them, washes them, and does everything else. This slave ant kills off its own family and INSISTS on enslaving itself to the lowly Anergates.
   The self-sacrificing ant is the warlike Tetramoria.
   It all begins when an Anergates queen falls near a Tetramoria nest. Tetramorium workers will drag the Anergates queen into the nest, clean her, and care for her.
   Soon, this new queen finds herself bloated in the time of her pregnancy. The Telramorium workers admire her so much, that they KILL their own queen. They turn themselves into slaves of the Anergates queen.
   Soon the Anergates queen is laying eggs. The Telramorium workers care for them.
   When that particular Telramorium colony murdered their queen and sexed young, they virtually condemned themselves to death! The life-span of that Telramorium colony now becomes the life-span of the individual workers three years at best.
   There certainly are many great lessons in the habits of these ants.
   But suffice it to say here, that evolution simply cannot explain such instincts.
   Evolution is supposedly based on natural selection through a struggle for survival. If this be so, the Telramorium workers act very strangely. They do not benefit from this action at all but simply commit suicide!
   So here, again, is a completely INSURMOUNTABLE problem for evolution actual DISPROOF of the theory! Here is a life form that very literally REVERSES the idea of "survival" into deliberate SACRIFICE of themselves to HELP ANOTHER SPECIES SURVIVE!
   How did all these intricate instincts and interrelationships come about?
   Charles Darwin, the "father" of evolution, didn't know.
   He said, "Slave making instinct this remarkable instinct was first discovered in the Formica (Polyerges) rufescens...this ant is absolutely dependent on its slaves; without their aid, the species would certainly become EXTINCT in a single year...
   "If we had not known of any other slave-making ant, it would have been HOPELESS TO SPECULATE how so wonderful an instinct could have been perfected...
   "By what steps the instinct of F. sanguinea originated I will not pretend to conjecture" (Origin of Species, pages 255, 256, 258).
   Charles Darwin didn't know, But YOU can, That is, if you're not too intellectually proud to accept the simple but quite evident answer.
   God CREATED all these ants with their varied and unusual characteristics. Why is it that evolutionists can't see the CREATOR behind all this marvelous creation we see?
   Darwin said: "It will indeed be thought that I have an OVERWEENING CONFIDENCE in the principle of natural selection, when I do not admit that such wonderful and well-established facts at once ANNIHILATE the theory" (Origin of Species, page 271).
   Yes, we WOULD think one to have INCREDIBLE faith in a THEORY to insist upon clinging to it IN SPITE OF THE INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY! Read that fantastic admission of Charles Darwin again! For it strikes a staggering blow at the very heart of the evolutionary theory! He said HE DID NOT ADMIT that such WONDERFUL and WELL-ESTABLISHED
Ross Hutchins, bottom photos Top, ants herding aphids. Bottom left, two repletes hang from ceiling with distended, honey-filled "social" stomachs, Bottom right, cork-headed Colobopsis ant plugs entrance to nest. (See PDF For Pictures)
   Suffice it to say the gullible young students in most universities do not have such admissions carefully underlined and emphasized for them in their eager search for a degree!

Mercenary Ant Soldiers

   The relationships between ants and various plants are among the most complex. One of the most remarkable is between Pseudomyrma ants and certain acacias in tropical America.
   Acacias are sprawling, shrub-like trees. Amazingly, these plants or trees have numerous prominent thorns that look much like the horns of a bull. Now, these "Texas Longhorn" thorns serve a MOST UNUSUAL purpose. A tiny ant vital to the acacia makes its home within these thorns.
   The Pseudomyrma ants live among the acacias and PROTECT them against leaf-destroying insects. Chief among them are the leaf-cutting ants that could defoliate an acacia overnight.
   Not only that, but the acacia plant ALSO has small, yellowish fruit-like bodies on the TIPS of the leaves. As a result, the protecting ants, in harvesting these fruit-like tips, patrol the leaves and thus protect them against the leaf-destroying ants.
   This "fruit" is a SPECIAL growth it has no relationship to the seed or reproductive organs of the acacia. It serves only to attract Pseudomyrma ants.
   In experiments, it's been PROVEN that an acacia tree without Pseudomyrma ants is QUICKLY STRIPPED of any foliage.

How Did This Relationship "Develop"?

   Notice, how most scientists would explain the existence of such a mutual partnership.
   "Now it is a most amazing fact that over a long period, perhaps a MILLION YEARS, there has developed a cooperative arrangement between the thorn trees and their ants by which the trees are protected from their enemies, the leaf-cutting ants" (Insect Builders and Craftsmen, Ross E. Hutchins, p. 57).
   Our question is: How did the acacias survive a MILLION YEARS, when experiments prove that this thorn tree will be defoliated within a few DAYS?
Rarely seen! Tailor ant using larvae to sew leaves together. (See PDF For Pictures)
   Of course, the only logical answer is that the acacias and the ants that protect them were CREATED TOGETHER!

Home On the Twigs!

   There are several species of Colobopsis ants which nest in the hollow twigs of plants. These ants have one of the most interesting associations ever discovered with plants.
   It is a thoroughly one-sided arrangement. There is absolutely NO PROOF that the plant is benefited in any way.
   Not only that, but these Colobopsis ants have heads that look just like a cork. They use their heads to cork up the entrance to the twig. Almost always, there is a soldier on duty, plugging up the entrance to the nest.
   These ants also have a code! When a returning worker wants to gain entrance to the nest, he must touch the worker's head in a certain place, or emit a distinctive odor.
   Foreign ants that don't know the password will NOT BE admitted!

Getting to the Trunk of the Problem

   In tropical America there are cecropia trees. The common elm and the hemp (marihuana) tree are from the same family. These trees the cecropia are almost always inhabited by Azteca muelleri ants. The ants live in the hollow trunks of these trees just above the ground level.
   The ants cut about half of the thickness of the wall for their nests but NEVER as much as would destroy the tree. Cecropia trees also provide FOOD for the ants. Conveniently, the food is located at base of the leaf stem.
   Although the Azteca ants ward off other ants, some investigators SERIOUSLY doubt that the tree really needs the ant.
   "Thus it appears that the cecropia tree derives benefit from the presence of the Azteca ants even though some observers, such as von Ihering, disagree.
   "He studied these ants in the late nineteenth century and stated that the cecropia tree needs Azteca ants no more than a DOG NEEDS FLEAS!
   "It is an interesting fact, also, that the ants are so DEPENDENT upon the tree that the colony DIES if the tree is cut down or injured" (Insects, Ross E. Hutchins, pages 253, 254).
   Now, how did these ants exist MILLIONS of years before the cecropia trees evolved? And according to the evolutionary theory, the common trees which includes the cecropia, elm, mulberry, hackberry are LATECOMERS to the earth.
   Again, evolution claims that there is a constant struggle for existence and only those fitted to the environment can survive. Now, any cecropia would be rather foolish to let a group of ants hack holes in its trunk.
   How would it know that the ants wouldn't turn into lumberjacks and hack the WHOLE TREE to pieces!
   And those poor ants generation after generation died because they couldn't convince those cecropia trees that they REALLY MEANT WELL.
   Now, if the cecropia tree allowed these ants to bore holes in its trunk where is the STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE? Where is natural selection?

Ant Cowboys

   Ants "herd" cattle commonly called aphids. Not only that, ants are expert milkers. It's not everyone who can do it. Darwin tried several times but FAILED. He used fine hairs, trying to copy the methods of the ants. But to no avail. He couldn't get a single drop of milk!
   Ants stroke and tap the undersides of aphids with their antennae. It must be done in a special way. At the stroking of the ants, the aphids obligingly exude a drop of "milk" for the ants to drink. And the drops come out at such a timed speed that the ant can drink as the liquid comes!
   The ants guard the aphids like they would any other food source. Sometimes they build corrals for their aphid cattle.
   Aphids are completely defenseless. Yet, aphids are almost always completely safe in the presence of normally FIERCE ants.
   How did such a situation arise?
   Here's one attempted explanation:
   "How did the ant learn to do this?
   "The ant is a fierce creature. Its normal reaction to an insect weaker than itself is to KILL IT and eat it. In the old days primitive ants must have killed aphids and, like ladybirds, eaten their bellies, and probably the rest of them as well.
   "Yet no species of ant today ever kills an aphid.
   "We both milk and kill our cows, ants milk but NEVER KILL theirs. If ants just went out and milked what greenflies they found on leaves, etc., no one could take objection to it. Unfortunately they go further and their methods with their 'cows' are TOO MUCH like our own with ours to be comfortable for us" (Ways of the Ant, John Crompton, page 9l-92).
   So all aphids were killed off by ants BEFORE the ants "discovered" that aphids would make good cows? But if they had plenty of aphids WHY NOT KILL some of them for food keep others for milk. But ANTS don't kill aphids.
   How do you square all this with evolution?
   Well, you can't in a million years!
   If scientists would only ADMIT that a loving God created all this, they would see His humor and His loving nature expressed in His creation. People could use the fantastic discoveries men have made about the ant world, and teach their children ABOUT GOD instead of a false, dumb evolution.

Darwin's Confession!

   Darwin had to continually get rid of ants as he was writing his Origin of Species. Ants and aphids were among his most avid pests!
   Darwin had to consider and admit:
   "If it could be proved that any part of the structure of anyone species had been formed for the EXCLUSIVE GOOD of another species, it would annihilate my theory, for such could not have been produced through natural selection" (Origin of Species, page 198, 199).
   That was Darwin who said it! And it's been amply proved that there are instincts which ARE solely for the good of another.
   Such "partnership" in existence is evidenced ALL THROUGH the creation, if we only have the wit to see it. Man must depend on all kinds of life forms which exist solely for the GOOD OF MAN. The amazing food chain in the ground, the "food web" of the sea, the marvelous action of bacteria in breaking down decaying vegetation; of plants, in producing oxygen; of man and animals in producing carbon dioxide NOTHING lives or dies to itself but is a tiny part of a VAST, interlocking, interdependent CHAIN of life!
   But to continue with Darwin's statements:
   "One of the strongest instances of an animal apparently performing an action for the SOLE GOOD of another, with which I am acquainted, is that of aphids voluntarily yielding... their sweet excretion to ants.
   "If the latter [ants] be not present they are at last compelled to eject their excretion. But as the excretion is extremely viscid, it is no doubt a convenience to the aphids to have it removed; THEREFORE, PROBABLY they do not excrete it solely for the good of the ants... but as details on this and other such points are not indispensable, they may be here PASSED OVER" (Origin of Species, page 246).
   Of course, they have to excrete it if ants don't use it up. But why suck MORE fluid from plants than you need? How do you develop the ability to let the liquid produced ooze out of you?
   This ability does the aphid absolutely no good! It exudes its liquid EXCLUSIVELY for the good of the ant!

Solomon Was Right After All

   Three thousand years ago, King Solomon said, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard: consider her ways and be wise, who... gathers her food in the harvest" (Proverbs 6:6-8),
   But as so many other facts, science dismissed this as MYTH. After all, what could Solomon know living in a dark "unscientific" age?
   Of course, the clergy was rather embarrassed by Solomon's statement.
   "Thus they [the clergy] said [among other things] that the words were an addition grafted on to the Scriptures, and not Solomon's own: that the 'seeds' seen were taken in as budding material, not food: that the 'seeds' seen had been pupa, not seeds. And so on.
   "NONE OF THEM thought of boldly doubting the modern scientists and suggesting that the Wise King might have been right and the scientists wrong" (Ways of the Ant, John Crompton, page 110).
   That, certainly is the truth!
   Science ASSUMES evolution true. But the clergy is as much IF NOT MORE to blame. They were afraid to speak; refused to research these things out; didn't bother to PROVE that the Bible was right after all!
   It wasn't until 1871 that entomologists had to admit with red faces that: "Solomon saw more clearly than certain scientific men, who WERE PREJUDICED, and would not believe that the ants of Palestine were distinguished by their habits from those of their own countries" (The Social World of the Ants, Auguste Forel, page 206),

Harvesters Exist!

   Harvester ants depend almost completely on the seed-yielding plants in their vicinity. The ants carefully gather and store these plant seeds. Harvester ants cut up the seeds and file off the starchy material.
   Evolutionists cannot explain how harvesters evolved.
   "Generally speaking, these ants inhabit barren regions of sparse vegetation and deficient rain, though there are exceptions.
   "It is PROBABLE that their remote ancestors were forced to abandon an insect diet because insects are scarce in the desert-like areas of their origin. Plant seeds, on the other hand, are comparatively abundant at CERTAIN TIMES of the year and can easily be stored for future consumption" (Insects, Ross E. Hutchins, pages 143, 144).
   If the area in which they lived became desert, why not MIGRATE to a less hostile climate?
   How long did it take them to learn to store seeds? Two million years? They probably would have died out the SAME YEAR that insects became scarce.
   No, evolution cannot explain the existence of the harvester ant. Every seed the harvester collects is another tangible fact that there is a Creator God.
   It's such a shame that we don't study creatures such as ants from a POSITIVE point of view. Perhaps, like Solomon, we'd learn the lessons we should from these insects.

How To Sew Without Needles and Thread

   There are a number of ants that bind leaves together with silk. But NO ADULT has any silk glands! The ability to secrete silk is lost when an ant reaches adult stage.
   Among the leaf-binding ants, the larvae secrete silk. But this silk is NOT used to spin cocoons. Rather, the adult ants use it to bind leaves together for their nests.
   A worker ant grasps a larvae. Using it like a bobbin, the adult ant sews tree leaves together with the silk strands which the larvae gives out.
   How could such an instinct evolve? How could adults use their larvae as thread? Is it possible to learn this?
   Evolutionists claim, "Yes!" But the FACTS say, "No!"
   Here's one evolutionary account of the origin of leaf-sewing ants.
   "The obtaining of silk by non-silk-spinning adults would seem to be an insurmountable problem, but nature, WITH MILLIONS OF YEARS in which to experiment, has come up with a unique solution that seems almost like science fiction... if the ants had been endowed with the ability to reason they could hardly have solved the problem MORE EFFICIENTLY or imaginatively" (Insects, Ross E, Hutchins, pages 200-202).
   Yes, an insurmountable problem for blind evolution. But for a great Creator God, no special difficulty.
   Now, if the adults need silk to tie up leaves, why did they allow themselves to LOSE this ability? After all, they had the ability to spin and make silk as larvae.
   Like "science fiction"? Not quite! Another example of the great creative powers of God!

Each Has Its Own Story

   There are at least 3,500 recognized species of ants in the world. Perhaps there are an equal number waiting in the shadows for discovery. Each has its own fantastic habits. Each species crawls through the holes in the theory of evolution.
   We could tell you about the carpenter ants that rush to the defense of the Atemeles beetle larvae, IN PREFERENCE to their own. Very strange, since the Atemeles beetle feeds on the larval ants!
   And every time a carpenter ant does this, he cries out: "Charles Darwin, and the rest of you evolutionists are ALL WRONG. I'm not struggling for survival. I'm HELPING the Alemeles beetle, my enemy!"
   We could write chapters about the well-known army ants. These ants have a regular rhythm of marching, hunting and resting. They march and hunt for 17 days exactly! At least, this is the cycle of one South American species.
   Each has its own story to tell. Each species of ant cries out: "I believe and am a witness to Genesis l:24, 'And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and CREEPING THING, and beast of the earth after his kind, and it WAS SO!'"

Appreciate God's Creation

   You can see the handiwork of God among the ants. Come to appreciate it. Stand in AWE of the Great Mind that created these amazing little creatures we call ants. Marvel at the planning and design that was put into the ant family!
   Study "nature." Get acquainted with the myriad life forms on this earth. Teach your children about God, through some of the characteristics exhibited by ants.
   Take time to stop in the woods. Observe ants as they build, scurry around and exhibit some of the marvels of engineering equipment which they possess.
   God can be understood by the things that are made (Romans 1:20). You can learn about His organization, His self-sacrificing character, His diligence, His ingenuity, His loving care and concern, His humor and warmth and truly learn to WORSHIP Him, in spirit and in truth.
Marvels of Ant World Ron Hutchins Photos Top, harvester ant soldier. Bottom, queen Pseudomyrma ant on acacia thorn. (See PDF For Pictures)

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