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Gala Faculty Reception
Good News Magazine
November 1960
Volume: Vol IX, No. 11
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Gala Faculty Reception

God's College in Britain is off to a wonderful start! IT'S 11:30 P.M., Wednesday night, October 19th. Ambassador College in England was born last Friday, the day following the great fall Festival. On that day we had orientation of new students in the Assembly Room of the Music Hall. But now I have just come to our room from the glamorous Reception given by the 33 students in honor of the Faculty. What a setting for a Faculty Reception this is, here in Memorial Hall! More than a hundred attended. Our guests included educators from other schools and colleges, officials of government from St. Albans, most of our neighbors in this immediate Bricket Wood community, solicitors, architects, top officials from Harrods, England's largest and finest store. Dick Armstrong's Portrait The portrait of our son, Richard David Armstrong, in whose memory this ornate building is named, looked down from above the mantel upon this sparkling assemblage with just the twinkle of a smile of happy approval, as the guests moved slowly past the receiving line.

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Good News MagazineNovember 1960Vol IX, No. 11