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Good News Magazine
December 1960
Volume: Vol IX, No. 12
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I thought it was all right to use "Jell-O." But I have been told it contains pork Is this true?

   The use of some brands of gelatin, including Jell-O" and "Royal" has been questioned by several members in the Church. Some were sure that these brands contain pork and shouldn't be used. Others were in doubt. Some assumed all brands of prepared gelatin were permissible to use. Just what is the truth?
   Here are the facts about the content of Jell-O," directly from the manufacturer of this brand. When asked what was used in making their product, this was the reply: "The gelatin used in Jell-O is extracted from the skins of food animals, principally beef and calf with some pork. In addition to being used in many pure food products, gelatin is used in very substantial quantity in the manufacture of medicines, for coating pills, for making capsules, as well as other medical preparations."
   A letter from the Research Service Department of the company which makes "Royal" gelatin revealed this: "Gelatin is a pure food product made from collagen, a protein constituent of animal tissues, particularly from parts of Pork skins and beef bones. Royal, as well as others in the industry, uses these sources as raw materials for their gelatin."
   So both "Jell-O" and "Royal" contain pork products, as well as other harmful ingredients such as artificial flavoring, coloring and sweetening, which should also be avoided. Is there a gelatin which contains no pork or harmful additives? If you desire a gelatin product, you should search the grocery shelves in your area to locate a brand of gelatin clearly labelled "all beef" or "all calf" products. Some of the more common gelatins which are made from beef are "McCormick," "Ben-Hur" and "United States." The widely available Knox gelatin is unfortunately no longer all beef and should not be used.
   A vegetable gelatin would also be suitable. Such a gelatin may be plain, unflavored, and without added sugar. You can flavor it with fruit juice and sweeten it with raw sugar or honey. Vegetable gelatin IS generally available only in health food stores. If they do not have it they can order it for you.
Note: Some of these products now use vegetable gelatin. Be sure to check the label.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1960Vol IX, No. 12