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When Paul was a prisoner on board a ship to Rome, how many people died in the subsequent shipwreck?

Acts 27:42-44

Over 5500 Observe Passover!
Good News Magazine
May 1961
Volume: Vol X, No. 5
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Over 5500 Observe Passover!

God's people were BLESSED and encouraged during the recent Passover Festival. Again this year, it was the largest attendance of modern times! CERTAINLY one of the most enjoy able and successful Passover seasons of modern times was recently observed! With the growth in numbers and spiritual character of Gods people, there are hundreds more brothers and sisters in Christ to observe the Passover together with each coming year. And the Days of Unleavened Bread are certainly a time of deep spiritual JOY and brotherly fellowship for Gods children! Just as the children of Israel in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, Gods Church has had to restore the observance of His Festivals. Remember the account in Ezra 6:19-22 when the Jews had returned from their Babylonian captivity and began to keep God's Festivals after finally completing the second temple.

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Good News MagazineMay 1961Vol X, No. 5