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John 15:5

The Bible Story - King Solomon's Sins
Plain Truth Magazine
February 1968
Volume: Vol XXXIII, No.2
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The Bible Story - King Solomon's Sins

To pay a debt to the king of Tyre, Solomon required that the Israelites pay more taxes. With this extra revenue he also built a part of the wall around Jerusalem and repaired and fortified several cities to the northwest and north. Most of the hard labor on the cities was done by Canaanites living in those vicinities. These Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites were drafted for work, and were regarded almost as slaves. (I Kings 9:15-23; II Chronicles 8:1-10.) Solomon's Fabulous Voyages. About the same time Solomon increased bis figbting force by add ing to tbe numbers of his horsemen and cbariots. He even established a navy, but it was more for commercial purposes than for war.

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1968Vol XXXIII, No.2