WHY Ministers say:
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WHY Ministers say: "You don't need to understand the Bible!"

In this age of the "Cosmos" and "Surveyor" satellites - in this age of TREMENDOUS change in all life and thought, caused by the fantastic scientific inventions of man - where is the voice of God's PROPHET? What does Almighty GOD have to say about the awesome time in which we live? Is THERE REALLY A GOD? Has God forsaken His creatures? Why do we behold the deafening SILENCE from the professing ministers of God about the real meaning of the age in which we live? Or, if we hear anything at all, why is the message couched in generalities, in uncertainties, in empty platitudes, in the mumbo-jumbo double-talk so familiar to theologians? Yes, WHY - if God is speaking through the ministers today?

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1968Vol XXXIII, No.4