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Who am I: I am a woman in the New Testament. I was frustrated with housework. Mary was my sister and Lazarus my brother.

Luke 10:39-40; John 11:1

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SOVIET EMPIRE CRUMBLING? - "I Saw These Surprising Changes in the USSR"

The PLAIN TRUTH sent a team of observers, writers and photographers on an 8000-mile fact-finding tour of the Soviet Union and a 2500-mile tour of the East European satellite countries. Here is their eye-opening report, giving an objective understanding of the problems plaguing Communism today. THE SOVIET UNION is face-to-face with its gravest crisis since the1956 Hungarian revolt. For months Czechoslovak nationalism bas challenged Soviet authority. Soviet leaders found themselves powerless to persuade Czechoslovakia with words. So they decided on action.

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 1968Vol XXXIII, No.9