Who REALLY Selects Your Government Head?
Plain Truth Magazine
November 1968
Volume: Vol XXXIII, No.11
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Who REALLY Selects Your Government Head?

This is a year of Presidential elections in France and the United States. But do the PEOPLE really select their Leaders? Do the politicians? Even those in politics are unaware of the real TRUTH.

   THE FRENCH people, this year, rose in rebellion against the government of their President, Charles de Gaulle. It started as a student revolt, fired into white-hot emotional heat by a young man nicknamed "Danny the Red." He manipulated the uprising into a national general strike. This young leader of the "New Leftist" movement almost succeeded in overthrowing the government.
   That was the aim, as it is with all these "New Leftist" promoted student revolts. The "New Leftist" movement is merely Communism behind a new facade.
   But the French President rode it out, called a series of general elections. The result? Overwhelming De Gaulle victories!
   Charles de Gaulle then claimed: "I have a mandate from the people!" But did he, really? Did the elections express the real desires of the French people? They did not!
   Do you know why?

What the People Didn't Know

   The "experts" will tell you that the situation is this: As people usually are, after a number of years under one administration, the French people were "fed up" with their present government. A very reliable advance news report of many years ago characterized the French people "unstable as water." Until De Gaulle, they had a new government in power every little while sometimes after a few months sometimes after two or three years.
   The national revolt did express the popular feelings. The elections did not. Reason? Simply that they feel they are tired of the present administration. They have been habitually accustomed to a new government in power after short intervals.
   So the people of France are restless, dissatisfied. They don't like things as they are. What do they want? They have no idea! They know only what they don't want.
   Communism, like a vulture, feeds on decay. It seizes upon unrest and discontent. "Danny the Red" was trained in revolutionary tactics. He is adept at rousing emotions to greater and greater dissent, anger and resentment. But he was not astute enough to present a positive alternative he could sell to the people.
   Communism is "old stuff" in France. The French do not have the anti-Communist feeling so prevalent in America. The Communist Party is a recognized political party in France. But it is a minority party, and it offers nothing new and glittering to capture the enthusiasm of the French people. Probably that is why these student revolutionaries call themselves "the NEW Marxist Left."
   This young "Danny the Red" is a trained rabble-rouser who can stir up emotional discontent. But he is by no means a great leader. He is not a magnetic personality with a positive SOLUTION to swing the multitudes behind him. He can preach discontent, revolt and destruction. But he has no talent to lead the masses out of their troubles.
   So there was no one in France to offer the people a "BETTER IDEA." No one to convince them he had what they did want. They revolted. But De Gaulle was astute enough to let their emotions cool before the elections. And when it came to voting, the French had nowhere else to go.

And in the U.S.A.

   This is also Presidential election year in the United States, Richard Milhous Nixon being our new President Elect.
   There were several candidates. There are the two major political parties, and a Southern "States Rights" candidate of the American Independent Party.
   There are the various public opinion polls. They purport to reflect the will of the people.
   The candidates put on lavish fundraising campaigns. One candidate is said to have raised more than one million dollars by forming a presidential club a sort of political-social club, with 1,000 members contributing $1,000 each. There are always the $100-perplate banquets. There are other fundraising schemes.
   Some states hold presidential primaries. The leading candidates go to these states, appear in auditoriums, make "whistle-stop" speeches on trains, appear in various public places. One prominent candidate, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was assassinated at his victory celebration in California.

The People's Choice?

   Then the major parties hold their elaborate party conventions. There the delegates choose their party candidate by vote. In the actual election the people vote for "electors" pledged to candidates.
   But does the result express the WILL OF THE PEOPLE?
   It is supposed to. Many people, perhaps most, look on failure to express one's will by voting as disloyalty to his country. But does the result REALLY express the will of the people?
   The plain truth may prove rather shocking. But this magazine is dedicated to THE PLAIN TRUTH, shocking or not! Very few UNDERSTAND the world conditions today.
   NEVER have any other humans lived in a world like you live in today. NEVER before was one's very life in danger, just walking along a city street.

Unprecedented Times

   As voters went to the voting polls, consider the conditions in the world their candidates promised to correct. NEVER in history did so MANY problems present themselves for solution.
   There is war in Vietnam. There is the red-hot racial problem, flaring into rioting, looting, violence and murder. There are the student revolts also exploding into violence, often closing schools. There is the question of law and order, with trained revolutionaries inciting the people toward anarchy with cries of "police brutality." There is the crime wave, increasing several times faster than the population. There is the breakdown of home and family life the foundational bulwark of any peaceful, happy and prosperous society. Divorce and broken homes skyrocketing. There is the moral breakdown, with promiscuous fornication, adultery and perversion gaining public acceptance. Morals have slid the toboggan down into the cesspool.
   As I write, I saw, with a group of stunned and shocked people, on BBC color television, a "documentary" of a nudist colony, actually showing completely nude men and women, with sex organs fully exposed in full view of men, women and children in their homes! Even the lowest and cheapest burlesque shows have always stopped short of complete and full exposure. But now, "respectable" television shows people, unashamed, in full nude exposure!

But Can Any Candidate Solve the Problems?

   What do the voters face, as they vote for the leaders supposed to solve all these problems?
   They face a world with nations possessing hydrogen bombs capable of blasting all human life off this planet. And governments spending thousands of millions trying to get to the moon! Then there is the frightening development of germ and chemical warfare. These can blind, paralyze, and kill whole vast populations!
   Then, before I tell you what kind of GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP actually WILL solve all these problems, look at one more existing horrible condition. More than HALF of this world's people are living in ignorance, poverty, degeneracy, filth and squalor.
   Candidates for the highest positions in government come before the people as PUBLIC BENEFACTORS. They are supposed to have the SOLUTIONS to these cancerous ills that are threatening the DEATH of all humanity.
   But does government have the SOLUTIONS?
   Yes, GOVERNMENT does but not the governments of these human leaders.

Face the Facts

   Every form of human government has had its fling. It has had its try. And all have been tried in the balance of human experience and FOUND WANTING!
   Isn't it about time we stop kidding ourselves, face the FACTS, and realize the ONLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION?
   All the others have been TRIED! All have failed!
   Modern Science stepped forward. Science and technology presented themselves as humanity's messiah that would solve all our troubles. They coupled with higher education and scholarly research said: "What we need is MORE KNOWLEDGE! Give us enough KNOWLEDGE, and all problems will be solved." In the past ten years scientific and technological knowledge have DOUBLED! And in the same decade the world's TROUBLES also have DOUBLED! The more KNOWLEDGE the scholars come up with, the worse off we become! Face it THAT'S THE STARK TRUTH!
   Communism swooped down upon a troubled earth like a giant vulture 51 years ago, saying "We are the Saviors of humanity! AWAY with religion, the opium of the people. Godless atheistic Communism is your BENEFACTOR!" But the divided city of Berlin stands as a SHOWCASE for all to see the RESULT! Though the U.S.S.R. has leaped into the space race, Communism has done it at the expense of chaining people in the clutch of stagnation, poverty, and a BACKWARD decaying society!
   Science and intellectualism gave us the "scholarly" approach. They, too, said "God is dead!" They injected into our educational bloodstream the theory of evolution, by which they purported to explain a creation which had no Creator. Belief in a God, they said, was all right back in the dark ages of ignorance and superstition. But humanity is ADVANCING we are evolving into something better and better. We now may safely throw off the swaddling clothes of superstition, and belief in God and the Bible. So this concept dominated the entire educational system.

Evolution Taken for Granted

   One mother, aghast, said to me recently, "Why I never knew before that they were teaching my children in the elementary grades ideas founded on the evolutionary approach. I thought evolution was taught only in the universities. Now I discover that my children's teachers look at everything from this evolutionary approach. My ten-year-old son asked me the other day. 'Mommy, what's a god?' " I wondered why this mother had never bothered to tell her children anything about God if she believed God exists.
   So children have grown to maturity in a world whose education has thrown all concepts of God and all respect for the Bible to the four winds. Young men studying for the ministry have grown up with this concept injected into their minds. So even the seminaries, turning out the world's clergy have gone "Modernist." They are now intellectual. The Bible is merely the writings of an ancient and ignorant Jewish race searching for a religious crutch, formulating a superstitious concept of a god. Jesus was only another human teacher like Moses, Mohammed, or Buddha.
   It has become UNFASHIONABLE intellectually to believe in a God.
   But has this world been BRAINWASHED?

How About YOU?

   WHY, gentle reader, do you believe the things YOU believe?
   I can tell you. Primarily, one of three ways. First, about 99% of what most people believe has found lodgment in their minds because they have carelessly TAKEN IT FOR GRANTED.
   They, like sheep, have gone along with what others believe. They have TAKEN FOR GRANTED what they have read, or heard from others, without question. They simply ASSUME it without proof.
   Secondly, people believe only what they WANT to believe. And they REFUSE, like a stubborn mule, to believe whatever they don't WANT to believe or whatever their prejudices resent. They want to BELONG. So they accept whatever is popular.
   Third, a very FEW believe at least some of the things in their convictions because they have questioned, sought ALL the evidence, and have PROVED what they believe to be true. But NOT MANY have travelled this trail.
   But these facts remain: You can PROVE, if you truly are intellectual and have a balanced and unprejudiced mind that evolution is FALSE, and that GOD does exist. And I mean a great supernatural PERSONAGE, a great Spirit BEING, of supreme mind, intelligence, knowledge and power, who CREATED EVERYTHING that is.
   And this Supreme CREATOR MAINTAINS His Creation. That is to say, He RULES He GOVERNS His creation.
   God CREATED matter. I can PROVE by the facts of radioactivity that matter has not always existed. There was a time when radioactive elements of matter DID NOT EXIST. They came into existence. Science does not yet understand all there is to know about matter. We know there is organic, or living matter and there is inorganic matter. But in matter there is energy. All matter is not lifeless, static. Man has learned how to utilize electricity, but he does not know what it is!

A Truth Few Know

   Something else man does not know: Acting on LIVING matter that is, the matter that composes human beings are certain inexorable SPIRITUAL LAWS. Man has learned about SOME of the laws in nature gravity, inertia, for example. These laws WORK! The evolutionist has to start with matter already in existence with laws already in force and acting on matter.
   To MAINTAIN what He has created, God rules with LAWS. He set in motion the laws scientists find already existing gravity, inertia, laws of nuclear energy. To MAINTAIN His creation God GOVERNS with a GOVERNMENT based On LAWS.
   Affecting human beings, and human relationships, are certain inexorable SPIRITUAL laws science knows nothing about. Yet these laws REGULATE man's relationships with fellowman. Not understanding them, man does not know how to get along with his neighbor.
   These laws also regulate man's relationship with His MAKER. Our Maker is the CREATOR. He PRODUCED all that is. Therefore everything we might WANT comes from Him. Man has cut himself off from contact with His MAKER. Therefore man has cut himself off from SOLUTIONS to all his troubles!
   This PURPOSE requires TIME. Our Maker has revealed that He marked out a duration of seven thousand years to accomplish this supreme PURPOSE. The first six thousand He has, primarily, "kept hands off," having made man a free moral agent. Man has been allowed full latitude to CHOOSE which way he will go. Man has tried to set up governments to regulate humanity in a manner diametrically CONTRARY to the LAWS of God's Government. Man has flouted, ignored, rebelled against, and flagrantly DISOBEYED the LAWS of his MAKER! And every wail of human woe resulted from violation of these LAWS.
   God REVEALED them. They have been accessible. But man has gone his own way contrary to them.
   These Laws of God are THE WAY to peace, happiness, prosperity, wellbeing. They are the CAUSE of these wanted good things. Man has gone THE WAY that has CAUSED all his troubles.
   The six thousand years are about up. We may have another three, five, or ten years to go. God Almighty has ALLOWED man that he LEARN THE LESSON to PROVE by human experience, that he is incapable of ruling what GOD created. Man has written the lesson not yet learned it.
   Only GOD can RULE sustain, preserve, and MAINTAIN His creation. And MAN is the focal point of all His creation! For God created MAN, NOT after any animal kind, but after God's own kind. Man is formed and shaped like GOD. Man has a MIND like God, only it is fallible. Man was made to be begotten, and then born of God. Man has a potential so tremendous his mind cannot quite conceive it. Man has stumbled along, WRITING lessons, never yet learning them.

Man's Only Hope

   Over 1900 years ago, Jesus Christ came in human flesh a MAN. He brought a MESSAGE from God our Creator. His Message was GOOD NEWS. It was ADVANCE NEWS. He taught about a GOVERNMENT. He called it "The Kingdom of God." A Kingdom is a GOVERNMENT!
   The Scriptures affirm He was born to be a KING. But He said His Kingdom was NOT Of THIS WORLD. Also His inspired instructions to man say that humans flesh and blood CAN NOT SEE, ENTER, OR INHERIT the Kingdom of God.
   But Jesus was BORN to be a KING. He said He had first to go to the Throne of the Government of the UNIVERSE (in heaven), to be officially crowned, then, in God's due time (after the 6,000 years), He is to return in all the Supreme Power and Glory of the Almighty GOD. He is coming to set up GOD'S GOVERNMENT over ALL NATIONS.
   It's time we quit kidding ourselves. Our troubles WILL be solved and ended. But only when, by Almighty divine POWER, man is FORCED against his will to OBEY THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD living the way that will CAUSE peace, happiness, abundant WELL-BEING true JOY!
   Everything is a matter of CAUSE and EFFECT. Look at today's EFFECT, and open your eyes to the CAUSE!

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 1968Vol XXXIII, No.11