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Who are we: There were about two thousand of us. We drowned in the sea. The demons called Legion caused the drowning.
Herd of Swine.

Mark 5:9-13

WHY are people so BLIND?
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1969
Volume: Vol XXXIV, No.3
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WHY are people so BLIND?

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - WHY are people - especially in the United States and Britain - so BLIND? Why so naive? WHY are our people unable to recognize the Communist line - the Communist plan and conspiracy - in college and university riots, in propaganda accusing "police brutality," in "black power," "black panther" and other slogans, even in "civil disobedience" and "non-violent" movements of protest which lead to VIOLENCE? At last a few voices in this wilderness of confusion are speaking out. A Los Angeles news broadcaster. George Putnam, said to be the highest-paid news reporter on television, has been giving a series of brief and to-the-point TV editorials, pulling no punches, pinning the responsibility where it belongs.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1969Vol XXXIV, No.3