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August 1961
Volume: Vol X, No. 8
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Can drugs and vaccines REALLY cure and prevent disease? Here are FACTS that you need to know and a WARNING you must heed!

   "DRUGS have become the nation's NUMBER ONE POISON KILLER!" This was the startling statement made by "Collier's" magazine of April 23, 1949 in reference to barbiturates, the drugs known as "sleeping pills."
   Since that time, an increasing number of facts have become known to the public through newspapers and magazines PROVING the truth of what Mr. Armstrong said over fifteen years ago: "Actually, there isn't a cure in a carload or a train load of medicine!" (See the booklet, "Does God HEAL Today?" page 11.)
   The use of drugs and medicines IS ON THE INCREASE. Tranquilizers are used by one out of seven people. SIXTEEN MILLION POUNDS OF ASPIRIN are consumed by the public each year. And one hundred million Americans are addicted to laxatives.
   Yet, drugs and medicines have NOT lowered the death rate caused by disease. Instead, there have been ALARMING INCREASES due to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other killing diseases.

Only Drug Industry Benefited

   The statistics show that drugs and medicines have NOT eliminated, or even decreased, sickness and disease. Drugs have benefited no one but the pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers.
   The manufacturing of drugs has become BIG BUSINESS! Some FIVE HUNDRED NEW DRUGS are introduced every year and millions of pounds are consumed by the public. The success of drug sales is due to the advertising methods used by drug manufacturers.
   What are some of these advertising methods?
   The former medical director of a major drug firm told Senate investigators on April 13, 1960 that the drug industry has a simple maxim: "If you can't convince them, confuse them." This was the testimony of Dr. A. Dale Consul, who further testified that the drug industry, is unique in that "IT CAN MAKE EXPLOITATION APPEAR A NOBLE PURPOSE." He also said in prepared testimony that doctors and the public are subjected to a constant "barrage" of new drugs even though some are WORTHLESS and others have "A GREATER POTENTIAL FOR HARM THAN FOR GOOD" (emphasis ours throughout article).
   Another revealing insight into the advertising methods used by the drug industry was given by "Consumer Reports" in November, 1958: "Newness has become the very touchstone of drug production the manufacturers of ladies' dresses and automobiles. To keep the sales curve in attractive upthrust, they feel they need to bring out new models every season... If a new model is actually a new drug, it gets a tremendous promotional send-off, often before anyone knows whether it is good... The theory it apparently works is that if people hear about new drugs they will rush into their doctors' offices to demand it. The tranquilizer bonanza is an unhappy example of what can happen in the wake of widespread publicity."

Drugs Are Dangerous

   DRUGS ARE NOT ONLY WORTHLESS, but DANGEROUS! This fact is borne out by numerous statements made by doctors and medical authorities. "Doctor Robert H. Groh, associate Professor of neurology at George Washington University, told the Southern Medical Association that SOME TRANQUILIZERS HAVE SERIOUS AND IRREVERSIBLE EFFECTS on the brain" ("Chicago American," November 3, 1960).
   A California newspaper printed this report: "Few realize that these potentially dangerous drugs (penicillin, streptomycin, and other antibiotics) may not help, but rather HINDER RECOVERY under certain circumstances... The practice of asking doctors for penicillin injections to help clear up minor colds and virus infections is FRAUGHT WITH DANGER! Some of the newer drugs may have cumulative side effects. There are no statistics available on these incidents. It is a WILDERNESS OF UNCERTAINTIES" (Santa Rosa "Press Democrat," February 26, 1958).

The Effect of Wonder Drugs

   Penicillin has been called a "queen of drugs" despite the fact that there has been an increasing number of SEVERE AND FATAL reactions which have been reported in medical papers. In 1957, it was estimated that some 1,000 DEATHS due to reactions to penicillin had occurred in the United States alone.
   Cortisone, the "wonder drug" used to stop the symptoms of allergic disease in children, may be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, according to an expert in the pediatric field. Dr. Harry L. Mueller, allergist-in-chief at the children's hospital in Boston and a leader in the Harvard Medical School, summarized the case for and against steroids, of which cortisone is the original and best known: "Surely these drugs are a wonderful thing to adults who are WILLING TO TRADE A CHANCE of serious complications for the certainty of allergy free lives, but while the over-all death rate in America has been in a slow decline for the past twenty years, THE DEATH RATE FROM ASTHMA HAS RISEN. I don't say that steroids caused the rise, but I FIND IT DIFFICULT TO BLAME ANYTHING ELSE."
   The facts about the results of Cortisone and "ACTH" were also reported by Dr. Richard Freyberg of New York City, professor of medicine at Cornell University Medical School. He said a series of 168 rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with steroids (hormones used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis) in large amounts over a five-year period were studied at Cornell. "THE COMPOUNDS IN NO WAY INHIBITED THE PROGRESS OF THE DISEASE. But in many patients, pain was relieved and joint function maintained. For this reason, the compounds once considered miracle drugs for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers now can be considered agents to RELIEVE SYMPTOMS ONLY, WITH NO CURATIVE EFFECTS.
   "On the other hand, the same studies showed that side effects from the hormones are SO SEVERE as to demand that doctors use them with the utmost caution, and even avoid them wherever possible. Between seven and eight percent of the patients DIED, he said, and there is a strong suspicion that they DIED OF THE TREATMENT, NOT THE DISEASE. Fourteen percent of the patients developed bone weaknesses which caused them to suffer frequent fractures. Seventeen percent came down with ulcers of the gastro-intestinal tract. Other adverse side effects include mental disorientation and high susceptibility to infections, he said. Steroids used in rheumatoid arthritis are of the cortisone class" ("Denver Post," August 2, 1959).

Drugs Cause Disease

   From the evidence of these reports, THERE IS NO DOUBT that drugs CAUSE DISEASE! Dr. Jesse D. Rising, of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, admitted that doctors have now begun to recognize that these potent agents, "even when used properly and with the greatest care," CAN CAUSE DISEASE SIMILAR TO OR IDENTICAL WITH WELL-KNOWN DISEASES!
   The WIDESPREAD MISUSE OF DRUGS is another DANGER. The Canadian Medical Association Journal criticized this situation and referred to the statement made in the United States that ONLY ABOUT 5% of the 400 tons of antibiotics used on the North American continent in 1959 was used correctly ("Mail Tribune" of Medford, Oregon, March 10, 1960).
   Because of the errors in administering drugs to patients, financial losses to hospitals from malpractice suits have quadrupled over the past ten years, as reported by "Newsweek" (September 7, 1959).

Truth About Tranquilizers

   Believe it or not, SUGAR PILLS were found to be MORE EFFECTIVE than drugs in an experiment carried out by psychiatrists of the University of North Carolina and reported by Dr. Harold Hymen in the "Oregon Journal": "Using three different tranquilizers, a pep-up pill and a placebo (sugar pill), they treated a group of eighty people suffering from various mental disturbances such as depressions (the blues), restlessness, confusion and ideas of persecution (paranoia). After two months of a 'blind study' in which neither patients nor doctors knew which product was which, they made tests to determine the effects of medication on the anxiety content and moods of their subjects. THE WINNER: THE SUGAR PILLS, whose subjects proved less anxious and more alert than the tranquilized and pepped-up. Maybe some of us 'pill pushers' ought to take to the hills instead of the pills!" (March 7, 1961).
   It is the TENSION OF MODERN, HIGH SPEED LIVING that is causing anxiety. The USELESS sugar pills added less physical shock to the body than did the tranquilizers or the pep-up pills!
   Are drugs helpful in curing disease? Or are they harmful, DANGEROUS to your health and often THE CAUSE of DEATH? The foregoing facts and statements give the obvious answer.

The Truth about Vaccinations

   The truth about vaccines is even more surprising! For the past several years, thousands of dollars have been spent in research to find a vaccine which would combat the dreaded childhood disease, POLIOMYELITIS. Each year since the time of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, "March of Dimes" campaigns were conducted to bring in the money needed for this research. And finally, the "Salk vaccine" was heralded before the public as the "saviour of our children."
   "The stage-dressing for the Salk vaccine was the greatest in the annals of the history of medicine; the greatest mass publicity by the greatest minds in the profession was employed to put it over. The public will long remember the drama and the fanfare of optimistic cackle that split the air when it was decided to make the Salk vaccine the SAVIOUR OF OUR CHILDREN. This publicity had to achieve two things: (1) it had to launch the vaccine, and (2) it had to cause the public to FORGET THE FAILURE OF GAMMA GLOBULIN the Polio Foundation could point to only seven children that it thought had been saved from polio by the globulin, according to the "Scientific American."
   "Now, at the end of December, 1956, the cackle has become less optimistic... The Salt Lake City papers ceased to publish the polio figures after the number went considerably beyond 100. They said nothing about EPIDEMICS elsewhere, such as the one in Chicago, which, according to radio reports ran into the HUNDREDS. The newspapers remained silent about these facts, just as, last year, when Massachusetts, after inoculating fifty thousand children, had TEN TIMES more polio cases and BANNED FURTHER INOCULATIONS" ("Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review," Fall, 1956).

Salk Vaccine Failed!

   There were OVER 100 VACCINE FAILURES reported in 1956 from various parts of the United States. Some of these patients had severe paralysis and at least two died. In 1959, approximately 17% of the paralytic polio victims had been FULLY VACCINATED with Salk shots and an additional 18% of the victims had been partially vaccinated with one or two Salk shots, making a total of 35% who had received the vaccine ("Omaha Journal," October 12, 1959).
   In 1958, the "Pioneer Press" of St. Paul, Minnesota carried an article on May 28th headlined, "Value of Salk Vaccine Challenged." This article reported: "The possibility that Salk vaccine HAS NO VALUE AS A PROTECTION against polio was suggested here in a closing session of the Minnesota State Medical Association Convention. Dr. Harold R. Cox of Pear River, New York, Director of virile and rickettsial research for Lederle Laboratories, said the vaccine had LITTLE, if any, effect on a polio epidemic in Israel last year... A report on the epidemic has Foundation for Infantile Paralysis which 'CHOSE NOT TO INFORM THE PUBLIC.'
   "NINETY PERCENT of Israel's population under six had been given Salk vaccine, yet the outbreak of polio reached epidemic proportions, involving many paralytic cases. IT IS EVIDENT THAT THE SALK VACCINE FAILED."
   Throughout 1959, Salk vaccine failures were reported from all over the country. The first two paralytic polio cases of the year in Alexandria, Virginia, HAD RECEIVED THREE SALK SHOTS. The "Honolulu Advertiser" reported 32 paralytic polio cases and 16 of them 50% had Salk shots. The "American Capsule News" reported on October 24th in the same year: "Salk inoculations have been discontinued in England because of results contrary to promises of vaccine salesmen."
   In a letter circulated by the Colorado Chiropractic Association, Dr. Lewis O. Gearhart said polio vaccinations are "abhorrent to the Creator." Dr. Gearhart termed polio shots as "DANGEROUS, FREQUENTLY FATAL."

Vaccine May Kill Millions

   The Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology at Oregon University declared that the Salk vaccine "may kill millions of Americans." This noted biologist said that the vaccine was rushed into general use without proper testing because of great pressures "particularly that exerted by the crippled child on the poster. Anyone who suggested delay was a monster." Yet the Salk vaccine may be one of the things which WILL KILL ONE THIRD OF THE NATION'S POPULATION!
   As Dr. Novik explained the theory, the vaccine may destroy the human kidney. To make the vaccine, the virus is grown in monkey kidney tissue. The person getting the shot builds up antibodies against the virus the purpose of the shot but he also makes antibodies against the monkey kidney. And since there is a close similarity between the kidneys of monkeys and humans, Dr. Novik concluded that it is possible that we will be provoked into making antibodies against our own kidneys. The Salk vaccine was so widely given IT IS NOT INCONCEIVABLE THAT WE WILL LOSE AN ENTIRE GENERATION OR PERHAPS HUMANITY... "The Salk vaccine is frankly a mess," Dr. Novik charged. "We rushed into the program without any real reason to believe it was effective and without taking precautions" ("Rocky Mountain News," March 31, 1960).

Good Diet Prevents Polio

   One doctor states that polio is caused by a weakened physical constitution and that health-promoting foods can prevent polio completely. Children who indulge in soft drinks (especially "colas"), candy, over-sweetened and refined, starchy foods, are the greatest sufferers of polio. POLIO IS UNKNOWN in countries where people live on NATURAL foods raw milk, whole-grain cereals, fruits and vegetables and do not have our refined, devitalized, demineralized foods, candies and soft drinks.
   The main diet of many people, especially children, in summer (the polio season) consists of colas, soft drinks, candy, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. If we would replace this "junk" with substantial meals of fresh fruits, melons, milk, vegetables and protein foods (meat, fish, poultry and eggs), then we would have greater resistance to polio and other diseases. Also, there would be almost no tooth decay.

Smallpox Vaccine

   Smallpox is caused by unsanitary conditions and occurs in people whose vitality is low, the composition of whose blood is abnormal and in whom there is an accumulation of morbid matter. Smallpox can be avoided by RIGHT LIVING and right THINKING. VACCINATION IS NOT THE SOLUTION! Statistics show that WHEN ENGLAND WAS MOST VACCINATED, SHE HAD THE MOST SMALLPOX!
   Proof that vaccination does not protect, not even for two months, can be found in the "Lancet" (November 25, 1944) a British medical magazine. This magazine gave the report of two army doctors concerning one hundred consecutive cases of smallpox among army personnel in Egypt during 1943-1944. All but four had been vaccinated, seventy of them within two years of attack by smallpox and sixteen of them WITHIN TWO MONTHS. Of fourteen FATAL cases, thirteen had been vaccinated, one of them only two months before he died of hemorrhagic smallpox.
   ENCEPHALITIS (sleeping sickness) is due to vaccination for smallpox. In England (1940-1946), fourteen died of it, but NONE died of smallpox. In Scotland (1942-1943), there were twenty-five deaths from smallpox and twenty-three from vaccination. In Edinburgh (1942), ten died from the effects of vaccination and eight from smallpox (six of the eight had been vaccinated).
   Vaccination does not eliminate the CAUSE of disease that of WRONG LIVING HABITS! Disease is caused by wrong eating, living and thinking! Our WAY OF LIFE must be changed in order to eliminate sickness and disease. This can only be done by following the principles of life the basic laws of health given by our Creator in His Word, the Bible.
   There are numerous scriptures in the Bible which point out to us that we are to rely, NOT ON MAN, but on GOD for our healing (see Psa. 103:3). When we put our faith in men and their drugs and vaccines, rather than in God who has ALL POWER, we are actually putting man and his ingenuity before the Creator God. If we are to rely on God's healing power, it is IMPOSSIBLE to rely also on medicines and vaccines developed by men.
   Those in the Church of God follow the instruction given by the Apostle James (James 5:14-16) and rely on God's HEALING POWER through prayer for the healing of sickness and disease. As believers in God's healing power and DIVINE PROTECTION, true Christians cannot put their faith in the methods of men by submitting themselves to drugs and vaccines.
   Your faith is either in Almighty God, the ONLY true Healer and Protector, or in the GOD OF MEDICINE (II Kings 1:1-4), drugs and vaccines. WHERE is your faith and WHO is your God?

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Good News MagazineAugust 1961Vol X, No. 8