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NEWS HIGHLIGHTS from the Church of God News Around the World!
Good News Magazine
January 1962
Volume: Vol XI, No. 1
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NEWS HIGHLIGHTS from the Church of God News Around the World!

GREETINGS, again, brethren, from God's headquarters in Pasadena, California! The growing enthusiasm and rapid development of the local church news papers in the last six months is a heartwarming evidence of the UNITY and GROWTH in God's Church. A few short months ago only a few of the churches were beginning their "fledgling" first editions. Some were mimeographed, some printed, some were large, some small; each had a different name and masthead. Now, almost every church area has its edition of THE CHURCH OF GOD NEWS. All editions are now printed, are of standard size and all carry the same standardized and unified name and masthead - THE CHURCH OF GOD NEWS! This is real progress! Heartening comments from members around the world show how much these local editions of the Church News art. appreciated. God's Church is being drawn much closer in love and the bond of Christian fellowship from the interesting articles and features appearing in these church papers.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1962Vol XI, No. 1