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Recipes for the SABBATH
Good News Magazine
February 1962
Volume: Vol XI, No. 2
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Recipes for the SABBATH
Good News Staff  

This fifth installment on the long-awaited subject of Sabbath meal planning is a real eye-opener! You will find dozens of helpful hints prepared by our staff. THE Sabbath is a day of rest. On it physical activity is at a minimum. Sabbath meals therefore do not need to be large. But they do need to include the basic foods needed for health. Too often the Sabbath menu is a repetition of such foods as potato salad, baked beans and cookies or of cold roast and leftovers. With the variety of foods available, this ought not be. Be Prepared in Advance. But it takes a little forethought and effort to get out of a rut. The going will become easier as your stock of recipes increases. Hence these, menus and recipes - intended as examples of what can be done toward making the mealtimes on the Sabbath pleasant for all.

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Good News MagazineFebruary 1962Vol XI, No. 2