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Calories DO Count!
Good News Magazine
April 1962
Volume: Vol XI, No. 4
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Calories DO Count!
John E Portune

Here is a very important article on the latest diet fad! EVERY year the American public becomes the unwary victim of an endless barrage of food plans, wonder pills, miracle food supplements, and "effortless diets." Sweeping the country now and taking the best-seller list presently is a new book advertising the "calories don't count" diet. Like a plague spreading through society, a fad enjoys momentary acclaim but is soon relegated to the ash heap as the public awakens to its utter worthlessness. The grandiose advertising slogans soon vanish. It would seem that the mountain of past failures would be enough of a witness against new fads, yet obviously not. The number of food fads continues to increase. But what is far more serious is that some of God's people are no better at recognizing food faddism than the average blind American. If they prove their Bible no better than they prove food fads, it is serious!

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Good News MagazineApril 1962Vol XI, No. 4
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