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What did the people make and worship while Moses was on the mountain?
A golden calf.

Exodus 32

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Food "Specialty" Items
Isabell F Hoeh  

Many requests have been received for more recipes - here are some delicious ones. WHY SEARCH the grocery shelves for those "extra" type foods - such as graham crackers, marshmallows and candied fruits - which it is sometimes convenient to have? Try making your own! The products will be more wholesome and besides you will know what ingredients they contain. Commercially made graham crackers and marshmallows may contain pork products in the form of gelatin or lard. Candied fruits which are available for purchasing often have a preservative added to them. From time to time there have been questions and requests regarding these items, their contents and how they are made.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1963Vol XII, No. 7