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I Kings 16:31

SEVEN PROOFS of the TRUE CHURCH of God - Proof Two
Good News Magazine
September 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 9
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SEVEN PROOFS of the TRUE CHURCH of God - Proof Two

This world is filled with churches! But Jesus said He would build HIS Church. WHICH ONE DID HE BUILD? Here is the SECOND major, infallible, irrefutable, unshakable, positive and ABSOLUTE PROOF of God's ONE AND ONLY True Church! ARE WE "CLOSER" to some churches than others? Are "our beliefs" in some way "similar" to the beliefs of other churches? DO you know of churches that are almost "just like we are" in MOST things - but differ in just a FEW points of "belief"? You may THINK you do - but after reading this whole series of vitally important PROOFS of the True Church of God, you will really KNOW - and know that you know - that there is NO CHURCH ON EARTH that is even remotely like the ONE TRUE CHURCH, except in some FEW, and comparatively MINOR, "doctrinal" points!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1963Vol XII, No. 9